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    Case Study featuring the Morgan, the Beacon and the Spencer Hotels.

    Sharing the secrets of their success on Twitter


    Alicia Fibak is the Group Online Marketing Executive for the Morgan Hotel, the Beacon Hotel and the Spencer Hotel and is responsible for managing their social media activity, including their Twitter updates.

    How do you optimise your Twitter profile?

    They optimise their Twitter profile by changing their header photo depending on the season, e.g. Christmas – they generally change their header photo on a monthly basis.

    Alicia builds their follower base by identifying trends on Google Trends e.g. sending out tweets about the Eurovision song contest to engage with their followers.  One of the most useful features which they use on Twitter are the ‘Who you should follow?’ suggestions from Twitter which are sent automatically to their account.

    What do you tweet?

    They tweet some special offers, but their main aim is to sell Dublin as a destination. They use hashtags #events or #concerts. The key thing is that they make their tweets ‘relevant’, not a hard sell. For example, the Spencer hotel is located near the O2, so Alicia has tweeted a ‘save the date’ for the Artic Monkeys concert.

    They generally schedule a minimum of five tweets a day for each hotel. They use Likealyzer to measure the speed of their response. Being online constantly is crucial.

    Do you run any competitions on Twitter, if so, how regularly do you do this?

    They run more competitions on Facebook than on Twitter using the competition app Shortstack for both. Generally they collect between 150 and 350 new names if they are running a competition over a week. They find Twitter less beneficial than Facebook as they can’t collect email addresses on Twitter, but Twitter is good for generating brand awareness.

    On average they get 60 new followers a week per hotel, although The Spencer hotel account got 100 followers per week for the first few weeks. Their aim is to receive 100 followers a week per hotel.

    Do you use Tweetdeck for scheduling posts?

    Tweetdeck scheduling is very clear and handy, with three accounts you can easily tag or untag accounts and change tweets to be displayed by either of the properties. Tweetdeck is great for setting up notifications/mentions of different phrases ‘Spencer’ or ‘the Spencer’. It is great for monitoring feeds.  You can set alerts in Tweetdeck eg for ‘hotels in Templebar’ for example but you need to refine your notifications and pick the terms that really have an impact and not just pick generic terms that are not specific enough to your business.

    Any tips for getting more Twitter followers?

    Following the right people is key, e.g. influencers in the business, those people will be the people who engage daily. You’re better off following three influencers rather than 200 generic followers, the influencers’ followers will also see the comments you make and may decide to follow you too.

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