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    The Fitzwilton Hotel Waterford has discovered that the main revenue producers from their Facebook page are once-off offers. However, in terms of’ likes’ or ‘shares’, competitions/giveaways on their Facebook page generate the most interaction.

    How to run successful competitions on Facebook


    Introducing the Fitzwilton Hotel

    The Fitzwilton Hotel Waterford is a 4 star hotel which offers boutique accommodation in the heart of Waterford City.

    Facebook page overview

    The Fitzwilton Hotel Waterford has a state of the art Facebook page with a wide number of apps on their timeline. According to Geoff Dawson, Sales and Marketing Manager at the Fitzwilton Hotel Waterford, the main applications that they use on their Facebook page to trigger engagement are; competitions, their booking app and their photo & video app. Interestingly, they have discovered that the main revenue producers are once- off offers. However, in terms of’ likes’ or ‘shares’, competitions/giveaways on their Facebook page generate the most interaction.

    According to Geoff, understanding their audience has been the secret to the high level of engagement on their Facebook page. The majority of their Facebook fans are female, Irish and aged between 22–37 so Geoff says that it’s important that offers, topics, posts etc. are relevant to them. For examples, The Fitzwilton Hotel adds value on their Facebook page by posting details of upcoming events in Waterford that might appeal to their fans.  A little humour goes a long way too.  They have found that the most important thing is not to bombard their community of fans with offers only.

    Successful campaigns

    Their most successful campaign was a competition they ran in January 2013 – it received almost 250,000 page visits over the 10 day duration. They offered a very appealing prize to the winner, as they knew that the more appealing the prize would be the further reach they would gain.

    Any tips for running successful competitions on Facebook?

    Geoff suggests downloading a free 3rd party competition App and attaching it to your Facebook page to run your competition. He recommends, however, that you post your competition to your status as the most user friendly and quickest way to grow your fan base. (Facebook have only just re-introduced the condition that businesses can ask people to ‘like’ or comment to win a prize).  He recommends that you keep your competitions or postings relevant to your target market and their interests. Geoff suggests that if you really want to push your campaign, you can allocate a pay per click budget using Facebook Advertising which allows you to target your market demographically. Geoff recommends this step for an offer/sale type post as opposed to a competition as it can eat your budget up pretty quickly. He also recommends that you work in partnership with other businesses to get a further reach, as you can share fans this way. The Fitzwilton Hotel Waterford has had mutually beneficial business relationships with Optilase, Waterford Airport and D4 Hotels to name a few.

    Repeat business

    Geoff recommends that you keep the page/posts fresh and appealing and relevant to your fan base to secure repeat business. Respond to questions/posts promptly (within 24 hours) and in a professional manner. If fans can ‘check-in’ at your business, make sure you thank them for it with a ‘like’ or short message.

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