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  • Optimising your TripAdvisor listing

    Pauline Power, the Sales and Marketing Manager for 4* Kelly’s Resort Hotel, Rosslare, tells us about how they optimise their TripAdvisor listing to enhance awareness of their brand.

    Kelly’s Resort Hotel utilising TripAdvisor

    Do you feel that it is important to respond to both positive and negative reviews?

    Yes, if people have taken the time to post a review it deserves a reply.  It is nice to thank people who compliment the Hotel, but more importantly it gives you the opportunity to explain, if the review is negative. 

    We also respond privately to some negative reviews as this gives the customer the chance to communicate with us directly.  If we feel it was a justified complaint we may also offer an upgrade on next visit or offer them contact with Bill Kelly personally, if they wish to return, so that we can show them the true “Fáilte Ui Cheallaigh”.

    How much time per day do you spend responding to reviews on Trip Advisor?

    We read posts daily and try to answer immediately. My advice is to assign a dedicated person to do this & put a few hours a week aside for all online reviews. 


    Does the amount of time invested in responding to reviews result in a good ROI?

    It is amazing how many people read your reviews, “word of mouth” is the best marketing tool, although it can be unfair too as it is anonymous and occurs in a public forum.  However, you can use this to your advantage.  Be clever in your replies and make sure to respond to the customer privately as well as public. 


    Do you notice a correlation between your activity on Trip Advisor and the number of bookings you receive?

    The amount of bookings we get through Trip advisor would be very small, I think it is a 1st time customer guide, people who have already stayed with you know the hotel so do not need to read reviews.

    Do you have any tips for developing a good response to a negative review?

    I think it’s about being honest but showing the customers that you have taken their views on board. Make sure to reply to the customer privately too as they deserve this. It also gives the person the opportunity to make contact with you if they were unsatisfied.  People loved to be appreciated; it shows good customer service.

    What are the top 5 things that you would consider when responding to reviews and managing your TripAdvisor listing?                       

    • Respond to all reviews
    • Use both negative and positive reviews to your advantage.
    • Be honest
    • Be clever in your replies, great marketing tool.
    • Keep on top of your replies


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