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  • What is the Digital that Delivers programme about?
  • The Digital that Delivers programme will support the digital transformation of the Irish visitor experiences sector. The aim of the programme is to enable businesses to respond better and address the needs and expectations of today’s visitors — both domestic and international. To help consumers better discover and book Irish experiences and accommodation through the channels that are most convenient for them and that offer them the best value, while helping our Irish industry to operate more efficiently, to recover from the impact of COVID-19, and to grow in a sustainable manner.

    This programme will enable Ireland to compete and win against intense international competition, allow destinations to cross-sell each other’s products/services and will allow businesses to operate more efficiently, grow revenue streams and better analyse consumer insights.

  • What is the rationale for focusing on attractions, activities and day tour providers?
  • Fáilte Ireland commissioned detailed auditing of 1350+ Attractions and Activity providers in 2020 and uncovered significant market failures; the digital presence and eCommerce capabilities of market participants lag behind international competitors and indeed our own domestic Accommodation sector. This is impacting on businesses’ ability to respond to COVID-19 and likely impacting on them in terms of lost sales as consumers cannot easily discover their products, cannot book them and cannot pay for the experience online.

  • Why were only certain businesses/providers chosen to put forward an expression of interest?
  • The programme has been developed to address market failure in the distribution of Ireland’s tourism product offering. Fáilte Ireland’s research identified market failure in the distribution of visitor experiences. Businesses must therefore be classed as a visitor experience to participate in the programme during 2022, i.e. an attraction, activity provider or day tour provider. Fáilte Ireland undertook a detailed audit of this sector to identify the current digital maturity of these businesses and what digital supports they require going forward.

  • How do businesses apply to the programme?
  • As funding becomes available, the ambition is to recruit new intakes of industry across the tourism sector over the coming years. An Expression of Interest form will be available on the Trade Portal for all eligible businesses when the recruitment process re-opens. Following evaluation of these Expressions of Interest, a cohort of businesses will be chosen to work through Year 1 of Digital that Delivers.

  • I do not have a Trade Portal account. How can I create one?
  • Please Sign Up for a Trade Portal account. If you are experiencing any problems in the Sign Up process then please contact our Customer Service Team who will support you.

  • I do not see the expression of interest form in my Trade Portal account. How do I access it?
  • An Expression of interest form will only be available for all eligible businesses when the recruitment process re-opens.

  • How much will I receive?
  • Following confirmation of participation in the programme, each business will be supported by Fáilte Ireland’s procured technical experts to identify their business requirements. The final rate of investment per business will be dependent on the recommended technological solutions and supports identified by the appointed technical experts.

  • How will the funding be administered?
  • The funding will be delivered through a series of grant schemes, administered by Fáilte Ireland.

  • When can businesses expect the funding?
  • On an individual business level, the timeline for funding will depend on the technological requirements of that business and the level of commitment they can give to the programme. Businesses are asked to give careful consideration to the phase in which they can commit to the programme when submitting the Expression of Interest form.

  • How will the programme be delivered?
  • The programme will be delivered by Fáilte Ireland supported by a panel of procured technical experts, who will work with each business to identify the most suitable technological and digital intervention for them.

  • In 2022, will the programme include accommodation?
  • 2022 will continue to focus on supporting the digital transformation of the visitor experiences sector by providing further interventions for participating businesses on their Digital that Delivers journey. As funding becomes available, the ambition is to recruit new intakes of industry across the tourism sector over the coming years.
    There is no market failure in the distribution of Ireland’s accommodation product offering. Any future supports (dates to be confirmed) will focus on enhancing accommodation in improving their digital marketing ability and assisting them to better market their business and their destination.

  • Can businesses progress through the next stages of the programme after their first intervention?
  • It is envisaged that following the completion of Year 1, the programme will be widened in Year 2 to offer opportunities to the accommodation sector, the wider visitor experiences sector, and also to provide additional interventions to those businesses who were engaged in Year 1 of the programme.