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  • Is your business eligible?

    Year 1 of the Digital that Delivers programme will support the digital transformation of the Visitor Experiences sector. 

    Accommodation providers will be eligible for support from year 2 of the programme, commencing in 2022. 

    List of eligible businesses

    Visitor experiences eligible for year 1 include attractions, activities and day tours.


    Places that offer visitors interesting things to see or do and that are subject admission fees or other conditions of entry. They include: 

    • Museums, galleries and other cultural attractions  

    • Castles, cathedrals and other heritage attractions  

    • National parks, gardens, zoos or other outdoor and natural attractions  

    • Theme parks, escape rooms, distilleries and other commercial attractions  


    Activities involve visitors as active participants in an experience and may require special equipment, skills, or attributes — or involve a degree of risk. They include:

    • Water-, land-, or air-based activities such as kayaking, hiking or skydiving  

    • 'Making' activities such as painting, basket-weaving, or pottery Learning activities such as talks or workshops (though not multi-day courses) 

    Day Tours

    Guided or self-guided visits that may take in several attractions, activities or points of interest within a 24-hour period.