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  • Best practice for your Fáilte Ireland listing and social channels

    Make sure you are using your listings on Discover Ireland and to their full potential. The information you provide has the potential to reach over 55,000 visitors per week on or, as well as almost 350,000 overseas visitors per week through

    Make your listing stand out from the crowd using our tips on writing and the use of images.

    Key points to remember when writing and updating your online listing


    • The listings are visitor facing: Ensure to offer the reader a tourism experience by painting a picture through your listing of what your visitors should expect when they visit your business or festival/event — the atmosphere, the facilities you offer, the scenery and anything that you think sets you apart from the competition.
    • Give the basics up front: Always include the name of your business or festival/event, your location and how close you are to the nearest town or landmark in your brief description, so the reader sees this important information immediately.
    • Explain how to get there: Always include directions from your nearest town or landmark rather than a city or airport. Visitors can find the town using a map or satellite navigation, but they may need your help to make it right to your front door.


    • Be authentic: Write in a conversational and ‘real’ way while providing information. Avoid jargon and ‘hard selling’.
    • Make it easy to read: Keep your sentences simple and short and use paragraphs to break up the text. Read your text out loud to make sure it flows.
    • Always proof: Do not forget to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation — simple mistakes can make the wrong first impression.

    Regularly review

    • Stay up to date: Review your listing regularly and make sure that information such as services and opening times are up to date.
    • Get it right: Make sure that your contact details are correct and the links to your website and your booking engine (if you have one) are working.
    • Tags: Ensure that you have filled out all the descriptor tags appropriate to your business or festival/event, this will help your visibility on our site and allow us showcase the most relevant information to the visitor.

    Using your imagery to tell your story

    They say a picture can paint a thousand words and our research has shown that the use of the right compelling imagery has a big influence on how the online visitor engages with your business online. Here are a few hints to get it right:
    Frame your photograph well: Make sure your photos are in focus and crop out large expanses of sky, garden, or background detail so your subject is large and central in the frame.

    Get rid of distractions: Remove vehicles, bins and anything that will take attention away from the subject when taking your shot.

    Make the weather work for you: Take photos when the sun is shining.

    Keep up to date: Update your photos regularly — an old, dated photo may create a poor impression of your business or festival/event.

    Technical specifications: Images should be at a minimum 2400 pixels (wide) x 1600 pixels (high). Most smartphones will take images that meet these criteria.  Turn your smartphone to landscape, i.e. sideways, to take the best photo. Images should be provided in JPEG format (which smartphones will automatically generate).

    Legal: You must have taken the photograph yourself or have written permission from the copyright owner to allow the image to be used by Fáilte Ireland. Please also ensure you have received written permission from any person who appears in the photos to use their image to promote your business.

    Get the most out of social media

    Make it official: Ensure you make your business pages official on social and get the official blue tick of approval.
    Social Platforms: Decide which platforms are right for your brand based on what you want to achieve and who you are targeting.

    Be data driven: Most social platforms have in-built data and analytics functionality, which will give you generalised information on your audience. Get to know and understand this data, so you can focus your efforts on your core audience.

    Build relationships: Regularly monitor your feeds, liking and responding to comments from your community.
    Expand your reach: by joining online conversations, such as with your local business network or those with a common purpose. Utilise existing relationships and ask advocates in your existing community to help introduce new followers where appropriate.
    Engagement: Ensure your content encourages engagement by keep it fresh and creative. Ask you audience questions and always ensure you use good quality imagery and short videos for galleries and carousels.
    Planning: The algorithms respond to activity and engagement so stay active by creating a content calendar of activity for the week or month.
    Geo-tag your posts: highlight things to see and do in your area, beyond just your own business or festival/event. Why would someone want to visit your overall location? What can they do when they are there?
    Be topical: Leverage trending hashtags (if appropriate).
    Handles: Make sure your handle (e.g. @Failte_Ireland) isn’t too long. Always try to use other organisations’ handles when including them in social copy or when tagging in a photo for maximum reach.

    Brand voice: Be consistent and use humour to show your personality (if appropriate)
    Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment to find out what’s working for your brand.

    Above all, have fun and champion your brand proudly across social