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    We consider every business or agency that forms part of the visitor experience while holidaying in Ireland a client of Fáilte Ireland.
    This includes businesses in the following sectors:

    • Accommodation
    • Activities
    • Attractions
    • Food & drink
    • Festivals & events
    • Tour operators & transport

    Business support and resources

    We provide an extensive range of practical business support and resources, such as:

    • research and insights into the tourism industry and visitor experience
    • advice on how to start and grow a tourism business
    • latest tourism industry news
    • quality assurance schemes
    • management development programmes
    • online and offline marketing training and support
    • best practice and case studies
    • access to funding

    Marketing and publicity

    We promote tourism in Ireland by:

    • operating a year-round integrated marketing campaign to encourage people living on the island of Ireland to holiday in Ireland. The Discover Ireland campaign includes national and destination specific promotion and drives consumers to ‘Discover Ireland.’. The Discover Ireland campaign includes:
      • advertising
      • domestic publicity campaigns and media relations
      • online communications including social media activity
      • Discover Ireland Special Offers campaign (print and online)
      • the app
    • providing a programme of in-Ireland trade events for international buyers and media
    • encouraging and supporting international events to take place in Ireland
    • providing visitors and holidaymakers with information while staying in Ireland via our tourist information offices
    • supporting vocational and higher education to develop and deliver programmes relevant to Irish tourism
    • presenting a pro-tourism perspective, making a case for tourism as an instrument of national and regional economic development, and encouraging investment in the sector

    Destination development

    We work with the industry, agencies and the wider tourism community to strengthen the holiday experience for visitors. The aim is to drive sustainable tourism development to attract more visitors, increase spend, and ultimately to deliver economic growth.

    We do this by:

    • researching, benchmarking, gathering, and analysing emerging trends
    • working with stakeholders to develop and help implement destination plans 
    • working with tourism industry stakeholders to establish and develop the key attractors within the destination
    • creating best practice guidelines for activity and attraction tourism product providers and for destination development
    • implementing new initiatives that will improve the quality of the visitor experience, which may include investing in tourism amenities and infrastructure where funding permits
    • designing interpretation plans and delivering a wide range of supports to unlock the destination story, its culture, and heritage for the visitor.
    • supporting high standards and value for money, especially in the areas of accommodation and food
    • developing and marketing bundles of activities and attractions for the visitor
    • advising on planning decisions that will affect tourism
    • working with third level institutions to develop tourism education

    Sector development

    We develop Irish tourism sectors by working with a range of representative bodies and government agencies to:

    • present a pro-tourism perspective
    • devise strategic development plans
    • develop specialised training programmes
    • create innovative marketing programmes