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    Check out these digital profiles and find out more about the Great Escaper visitor and what they want.

    Great Escaper personas
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    Learn how to create and communicate a digital narrative for your tourism business.

    Digital consumer journeys

    Great Escapers

    Find out more about the Great Escaper - from when they like to holiday to how long they'll stay. Read the digital personas and identify the differences between target markets including French, German, British and American visitors, and use the information to increase the number of international visitors to your tourism business.

    Great Escapers are all about getting away from it all, renewing family bonds and spending time together in a beautiful place.

    • Who are the Great Escapers?

    • They are often couples, approximately 30 years old, some with babies or quite young children. Most are in serious need of time out from busy lives and careers. They are specifically interested in rural holidays and travel very much as a couple or family.  Great Escapers are on holiday for a break, to get physical with nature, and to reconnect with their partner. More likely to take part in slightly more strenuous, but not extreme, exploration. More interested than other segments in getting connected to nature especially the more remote and exciting places.

    • What do they want from their holiday?

    • To connect with the landscape, to feel the earth beneath their feet, to soak up the beauty. A sense of history, of their place in the vastness of nature – they want to feel part of it. Against this kind of backdrop Great Escapers can spend real quality time bonding with those closest to them. They can rebalance themselves and take stock of their lives, concentrating on what’s important to them. They appreciate peace and quiet between activities … the point is the trip itself. It’s ‘down time’, it’s being off the beaten track, it’s a great escape. But it’s important that getting away from it all is easy enough – they want the ‘wow’ factor without too much effort. Most importantly, Great Escapers want to come home refreshed and revitalised, their batteries recharged. 

    • What don't they want from a holiday?

    • To make connections with other people – locals or others on holiday - they don’t need to, they’re there to be with each other. They don’t like crowded places.

    • Most likely to be seen...

      • Escaping to breath-taking landscapes
      • Actively exploring more remote and exciting places, on foot or by bicycle
      • Standing enveloped in each other’s company on the top of a mountain or cliff
      • Visiting a castle or a landmark
      • Gentle exploration of the place - walking, cycling, pleasure boating
      • Relaxed meal of fresh local produce, or a fun evening in an authentic pub
    • How long are they likely to stay and where?

    • They are likely to take more short breaks than the average visitor. Ireland offers plenty of what they’re looking for.

    • What are they likely to pay for?

      • Superior service – “people recognise me by name”
      • Interested – “knows me, knows what I want”
      • Something that is out of the ordinary
      • Things that take the hassle away
    • What makes a great food and drink experience for them?

      • An authentic experience in a local hotel or pub
      • Great quality local food at a value price
      • A good quality children’s menu
      • A high energy breakfast and the option of bringing a picnic lunch
      • A quiet room so I can unwind from my hectic schedule
      • An Irish cheese board by the fire at night
    • What are their media habits?

      • Light to medium TV users, due to busy schedule and young children. Programmes choice often dictated by children
      • Internet is key source of information for work and leisure
      • Light-medium users of social media 
      • Light-medium use of newspapers; catching up on news online is popular
      • Cinema visit every 2-3 months, often with children

    • Are there differences between Great Escaper markets?

    • Across the four main markets, patterns and key motivations for the Great Escaper demographic are more alike than different.

    • How can I adapt my business to the Great Escaper visitor?

    • Ask yourself:

      • How does my business fit the motivations of Great Escapers?  
      • What does my business offer that meets the specific wants of this segment?
      • Where can they engage with nature to get that special quality time together?
      • Where can they get peace and quiet, personal service and relaxing atmosphere?
    • Where can I find out more?

    • Download the global segmentation toolkit and learn how to use the research to increase international sales for your tourism business [pdf, 4.1MB].