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    Did You Know?

    ... that Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are not just for hotels. Expedia and don’t just work with accommodation providers; they also feature attractions and transport providers.

    Sales plan template

    Use the editable template to make the most of the advice shared within this section, and learn how you can increase international sales for your tourism business.

    Download the sales plan template [doc, 13kb]

    Sales channels

    Did you know that an average holidaymaker will visit up to 38 sites before making a purchase, and that knowing where your potential customers search for information and being visible in those channels is key to driving sales.

    Use this section to find out more about the opportunities available for your business and increase your international sales figures.

    Two main channels:

    Direct and indirect sales chart


    90x60 saleschannels chart-copy

    Develop your sales plan in five steps [pdf, 533kb]

    The time you put into developing your sales plan is as vital. Learn how to look at performance and evaluate your business against competition and how best to allocate resources and measure effectiveness.

    Top 10 short term actions to drive sales

    Improve overseas sales for your tourism business: [more]

    1. A mobile website is probably one of the most important tasks on your action plan. Keep content updated, relevant and of value to your target segments.
    2. Email newsletters are more effective in driving sales than most social media platforms. A segmented database, a clever subject line, a short newsletter (one or two key messages) and a strong call to action that directs people to your website is great for driving repeat and referral business. Remember the influence of recommendations from friends and family! Stay in touch with happy customers and they will become your sales team.
    3. An attractive video on your website and other digital platforms is a big advantage. Video is extremely effective for all segments.
    4. Good imagery is vital. And, it gets over the language barrier without any need for translation. Both photographs and video can powerfully communicate unique and authentic experiences that make the visitor want to buy.
    5. Pricing on your website and your booking engine should be multi currency.
    6. Location-based communications – capitalise on the fact that many of your customers use their smart phone or tablet as sources of information while on holiday.
    7. OTAs – don’t get hung up on commission rates – they can be an important shop window and open up markets you might not reach on your own. Manage your presence on OTAs – don’t be over reliant but don’t ignore them. Also consider having a presence on an OTA comparator site, i.e. Trivago.
    8. Languages are important – particularly for consumer engagement. Translate key pages that are of interest to an overseas visitor into their language.
    9. Use Google Places – it will make your website and your business easier to find.
    10. International SEO will make it easier for international visitors to find your website.

    Discover more things that you can do to improve international sales [pdf, 375kb]