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    Check out these digital profiles and find out more about the Social Energiser visitor and what they want.

    Social Energiser personas
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    Learn how to create and communicate a digital narrative for your tourism business.

    Digital consumer journeys

    Social Energisers

    Find out more about what defines a Social Energiser - from where they like to stay to what they will pay for. Read the digital personas and identify the differences between target markets including French, German, British and American visitors, and use the information to increase the number of international visitors to your tourism business.

    Social Energisers tend to be young, looking for new experiences and excitement.

    • Who are Social Energisers?

    • This demographic can be identified as young couples and adult groups looking for excitement, new experiences, and a fun, social holiday in somewhere different.

      A good example would be a group of 28 year olds on a long weekend in Dublin. They’re friends or colleagues, looking for a cool, exciting trip somewhere new and vibrant. 

    • What do they want from their holiday?

    • Social Energisers like having a laugh and sharing the adventure with friends, they love new experiences and exploring new places – the more out-of-the-ordinary, the more exciting - the better. It’s great if there’s lots to do in a relatively small area, so they don’t have to plan too far ahead. They’re up for being spontaneous, as this often leads to even more fun and laughter and a really great break. 

      Social Energisers want to be at the heart of it all – wherever’s social, wherever it’s happening. But their definition of a good time is wider than just partying. They’re also looking for interesting events, fun activities, gigs. Always ready to try new things – exploring the city by day for its vibrancy and unique atmosphere, as well as enjoying the nightlife. Social Energisers will go for something unusual as long as it has the ‘wow’ factor they’re looking for. They’re hungry for experience so they’re likely to be packing everything in.

    • What don't they want from a holiday?

    • Peace and quiet are off the agenda. As Social Energisers, they want to get back home revitalised not rested. They won’t waste time searching for something or waiting for things to happen.

    • Most likely to be seen...

      • Doing the latest energetic, popular activities
      • In lively pubs enjoying good food, music and conversation with locals
      • Taking in contemporary festivals, comedy or street art
      • At the ‘in’ places to shop, cool places to eat, best sightseeing opportunities
      • Visiting attractions where fun is part of the deal
    • How long are they likely to stay and where?

    • Social Energisers are most likely to stay in a hotel close to the action. Some stay in B&Bs, guesthouses and hostels as long as there’s a lot going on around them that’s new and different.

      This is the most likely group to go to European cities and even further afield in search of these kinds of experiences. They are also more likely to take a shorter break of two of three nights.

    • What are they likely to pay for?

      • Something that is out of the ordinary
      • An all-inclusive package (flight, accommodation and car hire) makes it easy for them to get from one experience to the next
      • A holiday offered by a well known brand
    • What makes a great food and drink experience for them?

      • Great atmosphere
      • A table in the centre of the action
      • Trendiest restaurant in town
      • Good wholesome foods that are local and tell a story 
      • Trendy cocktail list
      • Artisan coffee and quality tea and coffee shops
      • Brunch because “I like to party late”
    • What are their media habits?

      • Heavy social networkers – access to the internet wherever they are is vital
      • Most own a smartphone
      • Social media plays a big part in their lives
      • Heavy internet users
      • Light users of TV & print
      • Cinema is popular
    • Are there differences between Social Energiser markets?

    • Across the four main markets, patterns and key motivations for the Social Energiser demographic are more alike than different.

    • How can I adapt my business to the Social Energiser visitor?

    • Ask yourself:

      • How does my business fit the Social Energisers’ motivations?  
      • What does my business offer that meets the specific wants of this segment? 
      • Do I have a listing of fun events like ‘What’s on tonight?’ 
      • What is ‘wow’ or out of the ordinary close by?
      • Is there something unique/different that they can do and then brag about when they get home?
    • Where can I find out more?

    • Download the global segmentation toolkit and learn how to use the research to increase international sales for your tourism business [pdf, 4.1MB].