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Improve Your Website

Image of tablet computer being operated with flags on the screenAll the pages on your website – and in particular your homepage – contribute to the visitor's first impressions of you and your company. 

Your colours, the layout of images, the readability of the text, and the speed at which the page loads should all transmit positive impressions of your business. Using good design principles is crucial.

Four steps to good homepage design

1. 'What is this website about?'

If your visitor doesn't find an answer to this question within the first few seconds of their visit, they will leave and probably never return. Don’t be afraid to proclaim clearly what you do and what you're about. 

2. Get your visitors to take action

Once the visitor has figured out what you do and is interested enough to explore further, then you need to get them to take an action.

3. Show them what’s new

As well as newcomers, your website needs to cater for the visitor who already knows what they’re doing. Once a user has discovered what you do, and then comes back to your website you need to make it worth their while. You could suggest places on your site to visit, such as galleries, pictures of recent events, up and coming special offers or events that may be of interest. Blogs are especially good for this.

4. Provide consistent, reliable navigation 

This is a goal across your site, but it’s important because the expectations you set on the home page will carry forward to every page. If a link is in the global navigation on the home page, it should be in about the same place everywhere. If there are six links in the footer, those six links should appear in every footer.