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Discretionary criteria

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Discretionary criteria

Aside from the mandatory criteria, each destination can naturally decide on their own trail participation criteria, some of which may be more or less relevant depending on the type of food destination it is, or the region.

Accommodation and food providers

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, and B&Bs who wish to participate could be asked to fulfil the following suggested criteria.

1. Locations must have a minimum of two inclusions from the following list:

  • a recommendation from John & Sally McKenna Guides

  • a recommendation from Georgina Campbell

  • a recommendation from Michelin Guide

  • membership of Good Food Ireland

  • membership of Seafood Circle

  • Bord Bia ‘Just Ask’ campaign winner

  • categorised as a "Food Lover's" B&B

  • use a minimum of three local suppliers.

2. Locations must sign up to a customer food promise which includes commitment to:

  • providing menus which state the source of local produce, name local suppliers and identify regional specialities and traditional dishes
  • using a specified minimum of  fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food on their menus

  • staff who are knowledgeable and happy to talk to customers about the regional food story

  • providing information on local food producers, farmers markets, food festivals and events

  • providing details of local activities, attractions and entertainment

  • supply packed lunches and picnics on request.

Food producers

The category of 'food producers' is a broad one that inclues specialised food stores, foodie visitor attractions, breweries, distilleries and cookery schools. These types of venues could be asked to fulfil the following suggested criteria, adapted as relevant to each category:

  • supply product to at least 3 local food providers

  • be willing to work collaboratively with other individuals in joint promotions and initiatives

  • participate in publicity events and familiarisation trips as necessary.

They could also be asked to engage in one of the following ways with visitors:
  • onsite visits

  • food tasting and demonstration opportunities

  • farmers markets

  • festivals and events

  • supply local retail and providers

  • provide ‘Learn to’ or DIY opportunities for visitors.

Farmers markets

Farmers markets that are interested in becoming participants could be screened for Bord Bia approval and could be asked to ensure that 50% of stalls are local food providers.