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Overseas Visitors to Counties in 2009 [pdf, 205kb]

Over 200,000 overseas visitors stayed in Waterford in 2009, Find out how many overseas visitors stayed in each county and how much they spent.

Cultural activity among overseas visitors: 2009 [pdf, 102kb]

In 2009 an estimated 3.2 million overseas visitors engaged in cultural activities while in Ireland, including visits to places of historical/cultural interest and gardens. Read more in our detailed report.

Activity usage among overseas visitors in 2009 [pdf, 99kb]

See our report which highlights the estimated numbers of overseas visitors engaging in hiking/cross-country walking, golf, equestrian activities, angling and cycling in 2009.

Update on Adventure and Activity Tourism [PDF, 280KB]

This paper provides an overview of the adventure and activity market in Ireland and highlights global trends which may have an impact on the development of the market in years to come.

Tourism in Ireland: Statistics 2009 [pdf, 560kb]

Our Report details how government earned estimated revenue of €1.3 billion through taxation of tourism, of which €0.9 billion came from foreign tourism. In 2009 the tourism industry accounted for 3.7% of tax revenue.

Golf Tourism in Ireland in 2009 [pdf, 98kb]

Overseas Visitors who played golf while in Ireland spent an estimated €110 million in 2009. This report provides statistics and key indicators for golf tourism in Ireland in 2009.

Tourists visiting gardens in 2009 [pdf, 66kb]

Read our report on overseas tourists who engaged in visiting gardens in 2009. Statistics showing behaviour and characteristics of visitors and holiday-makers at a national, regional and local level.

Cycling Tourism in Ireland: 2009 [pdf, 2.5MB]

See the facts and figures about overseas visitors who cycled while in Ireland spending an estimated €97 million in 2009. Get information about their age, accomodation and duration of visit.

Tourism barometer for December 2009 [pdf, 846kb]

The survey was conducted over a two week period from the 24th November to the 9th of December 2009. In total 1050 interviews were conducted, details of which are outlined in the report.

Hiking and Walking in Ireland 2009 [pdf, 112kb]

Our research facts emphasise how overseas visitors to Ireland who came here primarily for hiking and or walking spent an estimated €494 million in 2009.