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Angling Tourism in 2009 [pdf, 689kb]

Overseas visitors who engaged in angling while in Ireland spent an estimated €105 million in 2009. Read our statistics and facts detailing the behaviour and attitude of angling tourists in 2009.

The 2009 Hotel Review [pdf, 832kb]

In 2009 overseas visitors accounted for 41% of all hotel nights in Major Metropolitan Areas (MMAs)and in Other Urban and Rural locations (22% and 20% respectively). View more in our report.

Self Catering Statistics for 2009 [pdf, 74kb]

View our report that provides information and statistics at national level, detailing the behaviour and attitude of visitors and holidaymakers who used self-catering accommodation in 2009.

Hiking and Walking in Ireland 2009 [pdf, 112kb]

Our research facts emphasise how overseas visitors to Ireland who came here primarily for hiking and or walking spent an estimated €494 million in 2009.

Facts and statistics for equestrian tourism in Ireland: 2009 [pdf, 81kb]

Overseas visitors who engaged in equestrian activities while in Ireland spent an estimated €27 million in 2009. This report details location, duration and expenditure of these equestrian tourists to Ireland.

Hotel Facts and Statistics 2009 [pdf, 79kb]

Our Report gives us an overview of usage at national level, and the behaviour and characteristics of visitors and holidaymakers who used hotel accommodation in Ireland in 2009.

Fostering an Innovation Culture in Irish Tourism [pdf, 427kb]

In a labour intensive industry such as tourism, innovation in business practice can arise through an incremental series of behavioural or process adaptations as opposed to a step-change shift. This paper looks at this and related issues around innovation in the industry.

Tourism barometer September 2009 [809kb]

The survey was conducted over a two week period from the 1st to the 15th of September 2009. In total 1284 interviews were conducted, details of which are outlined in the analysis of sample.

Ireland’s waters of national tourism significance [pdf, 1.3MB]

Find out which of Ireland’s waters are significant from a tourism perspective and how their protection and management is critical to the future sustainability of the industry. This report outlines which waters are significant tourism waters, why, and associated risks.

Fáilte Ireland Research on Restaurant Food Service Costs [pdf, 106kb]

Fáilte Ireland commissioned independent research in 2008 to develop insights into food production and preparation costs in the hotel and restaurant sector. The results are summaries in this paper.