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Overseas visitors and revenue by county 2010 [pdf, 183kb]

Cork welcomed more than 900,000 overseas tourists in 2010, seven in ten of these visitors came from Britain and the rest of Europe. To find out more about overseas visitors to counties, download our overseas visitors and revenue report by county for 2010.

Activity usage among overseas visitors 2010 [pdf, 92kb]

View our report on overseas visitors’ participation in activities during 2010. This report gives an estimate of the numbers participating in hiking, cross-country walking, golf, equestrian activities, angling and cycling throughout the year.

Activity usage among overseas visitors in 2010 [pdf, 92kb]

See our report which highlights the estimated numbers of overseas visitors engaging in hiking/cross-country walking, golf, equestrian activities, angling and cycling in 2010.

Cultural activity among overseas visitors: 2010 [pdf, 99kb]

In 2010 an estimated 3 million overseas visitors engaged in cultural activities while in Ireland, including visits to places of historical and cultural interest and gardens. Read more in our detailed report.

Tourism facts 2010 [pdf, 578kb]

Almost six million overseas residents visited Ireland in 2010. Domestic residents took over eight and a half million trips within Ireland. To find out more, read tourism facts report for 2010.

Tourism in the North West 2010 [pdf, 789kb]

Overseas visitor numbers were at a peak in 1999 but subsequent events in the first decade of the 21st century caused a decline in visitors to Ireland and to the region. View our 2010 preliminary statistics on tourism in the North West.

Tourism in the South West 2010 [pdf, 749kb]

The performance of South West, as one of Ireland’s most popular destinations mirrors the national picture of national tourism performance and at the peak welcomed more than two million overseas tourists.

Tourism in the West in 2010 [pdf, 826kb]

Read about how over one million overseas tourists visited the West in 2010, a region particularly popular for European and British visitors.

Shannon Tourism in 2010 [pdf, 887kb]

Read our overview of tourism to the Shannon Region, and the behaviour and characteristics of tourists and holidaymakers to that region in 2010.

Holidaymakers, tourism statistics in 2010

In 2010, 78% of holidaymakers used the internet to book or purchase some element of their holiday to Ireland. Our statistics show characteristics, behaviours, and the economic effects of tourism in Ireland in 2010.