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Tourism in the East and Midlands in 2010 [pdf, 875kb]

See how an estimated 773,000 overseas tourists visited the East and Midlands region in 2010, almost half were visiting friends and relatives while another third were on holiday.

South East Tourism Report 2010 [pdf, 1.02MB]

Our report includes accommodation capacity and top visitor attractions in 2010. It also contains statistics on overall tourism perfromance in the South East.

Dublin tourism facts and statistics 2010 [pdf, 1.2MB]

Dublin attracted an estimated 3.5 million overseas tourists in 2010, almost half of whom were on holiday. For more information read our report on Dublin Tourism.

2010 tourism employment survey [pdf, 1.5MB]

Tourism has the potential to absorb significant numbers of unemployed workers as the recovery takes hold. View our research covering areas including hotels, guesthouses, self-catering, restaurants, and public houses during 2010.

Visitor attitudes survey executive summary 2010 [pdf, 741kb]

The principal factors of friendly people and scenery have remained very consistent from year to year in terms of their importance. View other factors that draw tourists to Ireland in the executive summary for 2010.

2010 Visitor Attitudes Survey: Main Markets [pdf, 1.8MB]

Detailed in our survey are the factors that influenced visitors to Ireland in 2010, and the overall opinion of their holiday as well as the satisfaction levels with different aspects of the tourism product.

Equestrian tourism in Ireland in 2010 [pdf, 336kb]

Overseas visitors who engaged in equestrian activities while in Ireland spent an estimated €64 million in 2010. Our report details the characteristics of equestrian tourists to Ireland.

Tourism barometer for December 2010 [pdf, 1.3MB]

View our results which are based on feedback provided during the period from the 24th November to the 22nd of December 2010. In total 1000 interviews were conducted.

Hostel Facts and Statistics in 2010 [pdf, 175kb]

View our statistics about hostel tourism in Ireland in 2009, detailing information such as length of stay, expenditure at a national, regional and local level.

The 2010 Hotel Review [pdf, 411kb]

Read our hotel review which monitors hotel performance in 2010, focusing on occupancy levels, and overall demand and supply trends in relation to grade, region, size and location.