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Top free visitor attractions 2011 [pdf, 178kb]

For information at national, regional, and county level on Ireland's top free visitor attractions in 2011 then view our report.

Tourism barometer for December 2011 [pdf, 1.8MB]

We received 709 responses to an online survey with tourism businesses between 25th November and 13th December 2011. More details are in our report.

Activity usage among overseas visitors 2011 [pdf, 105kb]

Three-quarters of a million overseas visitors went hiking or walking while in Ireland in 2011, download activity usage among overseas visitors 2011.

Fáilte Ireland Briefing Paper on State Imposed Costs on the Tourism Industry in 2011 [pdf, 556kb]

Find out more about what we plan to do to address what representative groups and individual businesses call ‘regulatory burden’. As this paper explains, we feel that a more precise term for the industry’s complaint is state imposed costs.

Fáilte Ireland Briefing Paper on Shared Ownership in 2011 [pdf, 681kb]

Find out about the shared ownership (or timeshare) tourism market in Ireland, the opportunities it offers, how it could be a solution to the problem of excess capacity in the hotel sector, and an attractive use of other types of accommodation.

The National Food Tourism Plan [pdf, 1.5MB]

Read our plan for building on the emerging success of our food tourism product and how food can give visitors a genuine Irish experience and help to develop tourism destinations.

Tourism barometer September 2011 [pdf, 1.9MB]

In our barometer 2011 is proving to be something of a transitional year for Irish tourism, as confidence with tourism performance in 2011 has returned to levels last seen in 2007.

The Aran Islands Visitor Experience 2011 [ppt, 5.6MB]

View our research with holidaymakers who visited the Aran Islands in August 2011. See the profile and behaviour of the visitors and the satisfaction levels with their visit.

Tourism barometer May 2011 [pdf, 1.8MB]

We received 949 responses to an online survey and conducted 76 telephone interviews with tourism businesses between 16th May and 3rd June 2011.