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Key Tourism Facts 2018 [pdf, 3.1mb]

Key Tourism Facts 2018 provides an overview of tourism statistics in Ireland in 2018, drawing from a wide range of sources. Find out about the performance of overseas and domestic tourism, holidaymaker behaviour, etc.

Visitors to top fee charging visitor attractions 2018 [pdf, 199kb]

Four fee charging visitor attractions welcomed more than one million visitors in 2018. Download to see the top 50 fee charging attractions in Ireland in 2018.

Visitors to top free visitor attractions 2018 [pdf, 163kb]

Three free visitor attractions recorded over 700,000 visitors in 2018. Download to see the top 50 free attractions in Ireland in 2018.

What makes a great visitor attraction [pdf, 446kb]

This research ranks the elements of the visitor experience that influence satisfaction levels at a visitor attraction.

Overseas Holidaymakers’ Attitudes to Ireland 2018 [pdf, 4mb]

A summary of research conducted with overseas holidaymakers in 2018, investigating their holiday planning process and their experience of Ireland during their holiday here.

Domestic Holidays Monitor 2018 [pdf, 359kb]

Find out when Irish residents plan and book their domestic holiday, what they do when on holiday and what they think are the advantages and disadvantages of holidaying at home.

Visitor attraction experience research [pdf, 1.8MB]

Find out more about the research that identified drivers of satisfaction for Ireland’s visitor attractions.

Fáilte Ireland Preliminary Hotel Performance 2018 [pdf, 422kb]

Irish hotels experienced another positive year in 2018 with an annual room occupancy rate of 72%. Find out more by downloading Fáilte Ireland’s Preliminary Hotel Performance 2018.

Travel Profile of Key Markets [pdf, 5.5MB]

Profile of the four most important markets for Irish tourism Britain, USA, France and Germany (68% of overseas tourists come from these four key market).

Fáilte Ireland Tourism Barometer December 2018 [pdf, 2.5mb]

The final issue in 2018 of our state of the season survey. Find out how tourism fared in 2018 and what their perspective is on the year ahead.