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  • April 2021: CP&I – Consumer Update

    14 April 2021

    Consumer Insights

    • Lack of clarity and uncertainty continues to drive consumers’ behaviour and travel plans. The overall numbers remain mostly flat with some lifts in intent. As always however, it is the data beneath the surface that provides insight into some of the lead indicators and diagnostics. It is these which point towards the opportunities for this year’s summer season and continued support for Fáilte Ireland plans. (We expect significant movements in our April data which will give us further insight.)

    • The desire for overseas travel is mitigated by low levels of confidence in actually being able to do so. Despite government messaging, many consumers still believe they will be able to travel overseas at some point - 33% intend to do so in the next 6 months, with the bulk of that being in July – September 2021. Only 37% of these consumers are actually confident that they will be able to go.

    • Consumers are claiming that they are substituting their international trip with a local break. 52% of consumers will replace a long break overseas with a domestic trip and 48% will replace a short trip overseas with a domestic one.

    • Should consumers be able to travel overseas a minority would discard all of their domestic trips but 32% will replace some of their domestic trips with overseas ones.

    • On average, consumers intend taking two domestic trips this year which is on par with previous years.

    Download and read the full consumer sentiment and behaviour report published April 2021 [PDF 273kb]