April 2021: CP&I – Consumer Update

11 May 2021

Consumer Insight

•  Short-term travel intentions for both international and domestic travel hold firm in April. With recent Government announcements regarding easing restrictions and the increasing attention both domestic and international travel possibilities is receiving in the media, we anticipate shifts in travel plans from next month onwards. 

•  As of April, 48% of consumers intend to take either a short or long break in the Republic of Ireland within the next 6 months; 30% intend on domestic travel exclusively, with the remaining 18% intending to take a combination of both domestic and international travel.

•  Time and distance travelled are key elements influencing destination choice. However, regional dispersal patterns show an opportunity to build positive associations with lesser-travelled counties within each regional experience brand, reinforcing the need for communications to fulfil both the motivation for discovery coupled with direct messaging over what there is to see and do in each county.

Please note: Previous CP&I Consumer Updates were referenced using the month they were published, not the month in which interviews were collected (i.e. the March report used data collected in February). This has been changed so that the month refers to data collection – this report (April 2021) is the first to reflect that change.

Download the full report published April 2021 [PDF 1.2mb]