28 April 2020: COVID 19 Consumer Sentiment Behaviour

28 April 2020

As restrictions extend, frustration and anxiety are core emotions, but so is optimism.

Upcoming weeks will be critical in the dynamic of emotions. With news such as Ireland’s ‘surge’ being potentially mitigated and with some progressive easing of restrictions in Europe, expectations will be constantly evolving. Frustrations may turn to anger if messaging isn’t aligned.

‘Normality’ is expected to return towards the end of the year.

Sixty-one percent (61%) of people believe normality will return in 3 – 9 months time. Few (13%) believe this will happen within the next three months. What ‘normal’ represents is difficult for people to articulate. Reassurance is needed that the current sacrifices being made will be worthwhile.

Travel is high on the agenda once life resumes.

Physically re-connecting with family and friends is the key driver once restrictions fall. Once this higher order need is satisfied, people will look to treat themselves – shop, eat out, and to travel/go on holidays. Social restrictions will have a role here – limitations in who people can go on holiday with may dampen excitement.

Download the full report published 28 April [PDF 300kb]