31 July 2020: COVID-19: Consumer Sentiment Behaviour

31 July 2020

Domestic short trips intentions plateau at 60%.

Intentions for short trips within Ireland hold stable for the first time since May.

Consideration also shows no change. As trips abroad have become less appealing (due to quarantining and the recent increases in cases in popular holiday destinations), the lack of comparative increases to domestic holidays suggests that some may have chosen a staycation involving no nights away or no holidays at all. Local marketing of day-trip options will be important mechanisms to support the trade.

Overarching travel intentions is a re-focus on Covid-19 health concerns. The number of people reporting worry over falling sick with Covid-19 has increased, and Covid-19 safety has been re-established as a key influence when choosing destinations.

However, bookings rise and the majority of the public are on the move.

Over one-third of intended travellers have now booked some or all of their trips – a significant increase from last wave.  For many who haven’t booked, this is a reflection of continued concern for Covid-19 and the ‘wait and see’ approach adopted. For others it is more logistical, having to coordinate date and destinations with others.

Day trips are increasingly popular with most taking one within the last month. In addition, almost one-in-five (19%) have taken a short break. As we enter the holiday season in earnest, travel activity is set to increase with a focus on short trips and breaks.

Download the full report published 31 July [PDF 168kb]