3 July 2020: COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Behaviour

08 July 2020

Short break intentions increase for the third consecutive wave to 60%.

Trip planning is gaining momentum as Covid-19 restrictions ease and intentions climb. There is also evidence of people bringing forward plans, increasingly targeting July for short trips.

Whilst positive, there needs to be some caution as intent may soon plateau – the ceiling of travel consideration remains unchanged at 73% and we are now entering months where intentions get converted into actual trip behaviour.

The majority of domestic trips are a replacement for trips abroad.

Trips abroad were heavily favoured pre Covid-19. While substitution to domestic trips was inevitable the level of replacement is nonetheless significant. However, this has implications for the total intent number in that it historically did not include replacement numbers.

Unconstrained adults under 45 years old more likely to opt for a domestic stay and they should have specific marketing activities aimed at them.

There is an opportunity for the industry to develop offerings that meet the experiences and needs consumers would have had in their overseas trips.

Download the full report published 3 July [PDF 170kb]