18 May 2020: COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Behaviour

29 May 2020

Intention to take a short break in the next six months has increased significantly. 

In response to the Government’s Roadmap providing clarity and clear timelines, short break intentions have climbed to levels not seen since March. Hotels remain important when it comes to where visitors will stay in light of early data indicating that self-catering holiday homes have already been booked out.

Consumers have become more discerning in planning trips. Price and visitor segment differences will be key success factors. Visitors are moving out of the 'Dreaming Phase' and are now actively booking holidays. While this is reflective of all visitors, there are differences in the data for different groups. This highlights the opportunity for targeted marketing activities in the trade, particularly when it comes to families.

City breaks are an opportunity, but only if key safety concerns are met. Crowds, adherence to health/social distancing protocols and public transport are just some of the challenges which face city destinations. However if these are addressed, visitors are positive about city breaks, with reconnection and rediscovery the strong emotional drivers. Dublin in particular has an opportunity with rediscovery and outdoor experiences.

Download the full report published 18 May [PDF 321kb]