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  • July 2021: CP&I – Consumer Update Print Page
  • July 2021: CP&I – Consumer Update

    16 August 2021

    Consumer Insights

    - Aligned with trends seen in 2020, domestic trip intentions have begun to decline post summer season. Families are the primary cohort responsible for causing the fall in ‘next 6 months’ intentions (dropping from 59% in June to 50% in July) aligned with the onset of the new school year and as travel windows become restricted for this group. This group maintains high intentions nonetheless.

    - Confidence is returning to Older Unconstrained Adults with demand for domestic trips for September and October highest amongst this group.

    - The acceleration of the vaccine roll out means vaccination is no longer a barrier to booking a domestic trip. Although having a positive impact on domestic travel, the progress of the vaccine roll out has not transferred into intentions for travel abroad, which remain unchanged. Caution surrounding overseas destinations is still prevalent, most likely due to the Delta variant.

    - Northern Ireland consumers continue to provide positive support for ROI destinations, particularly Dublin. September appears to be a key month for travel into the Republic.

    Download the full report published July 2021 [PDF 2.7mb]