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    A Guide to Our Business Supports

    Download the new Fáilte Ireland guide to business supports [pdf, 2.4mb] for tourism businesses which includes help in the areas of driving business performance, building sales capability, being quality assured and getting Brexit ready. The guide is designed as a reference manual to help you identify and choose the support that is most relevant to you.

    Glen Keen Farm Case Study

    Read a case study of how Catherine and Jim Powers started a new business and used Fáilte Ireland business supports to help grow their business from zero to 55,000 visitors in five years.

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    Market Diversification

    Targeting Key Markets

    Our Fáilte Ireland research team and Tourism Ireland Market Managers have teamed up to provide you with new insights:

    French Market German Market
    US Market

    Ireland’s overseas tourists: travel profile videos

    Browse the following videos for a quick and easy way to find out more about Ireland’s overseas tourists and holidaymakers — where they go, where they stay and what they like to do.

    Screenshot of YouTube video player

    Market Diversification Programme

    The key aim of the Market Diversification Programme is to assist companies to avoid an overreliance on one market. It will help develop and deliver plans to diversify markets, to ensure a more sustainable approach to business.
    The programme focuses on developing viable and sustainable market entry strategies; honing tactical sales skills; targeting business in new markets and perfecting sales pitches to secure new business.
    1. Tactical Sales

    A series of one day tactical sales workshops, helping you to retain and win new business. 

    2. International Market Insights and Lead Generation

    3. China Ready Programme 

    4. International Sales Optimisation Scheme

    This scheme supports the Market Diversification Programme and involves 1:1 mentoring support to help develop and implement market diversification plans. To avail of this scheme, businesses must meet certain criteria, which will include:

    • Completion of Brexit Readiness Check

    • Priority will be given to tourism businesses located in the border counties or South East region

    • A minimum of 15% of existing business that comes from the GB and/or NI market

    • Dedicated managers within the business in Sales, Revenue Management or Marketing

    • Participation in the Market Diversification Programme

    • Engagement with local Fáilte Ireland Regional team development activities

    • Utilisation of the relevant Fáilte Ireland Regional brand in sales and marketing approach 

    For further information please contact

    In-Ireland Events, Trade shows and Sales Missions

    Register for the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal to get the most up to date details for in-Ireland and international events that could benefit your business.  

    A screenshot of the Failte Ireland Trade Portal

    Insider Tips & Insights

    Hear what Tourism Ireland Market Managers, and Tour Operators who deal with thousands of international visitors, have to say about how businesses can target these potential visitors.    

    Insider Tips – Needs & Nuances of International Visitors

    Fáilte Ireland has conducted interviews with Tourism Ireland Market Managers and tour operators servicing these markets to get their insights on the preferences of international visitors when it comes to how they plan and buy holidays; what they like to experience; and some dos and don’ts while they are here. Here is a summary of what they told us:

        German flag French flag Spanish flag
        Italian flag Canadian flag American flag


    Using your online presence to target new markets

    International visitors rely on online reviews and translated websites to help them make informed decisions about whether or not to purchase a holiday. In order to target new markets you may need to consider reviewing your website and social media platforms.