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    A Guide to Our Business Supports

    Download the new Fáilte Ireland guide to business supports [pdf, 2.4mb] for tourism businesses which includes help in the areas of driving business performance, building sales capability, being quality assured and getting Brexit ready. The guide is designed as a reference manual to help you identify and choose the support that is most relevant to you.

    Get Quality Assured

    Find out all the information you need to apply for, or maintain approval, for your business.

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    Business Performance & Competitiveness

    Brexit Mentor Panel

    A new panel of experts has been created to deliver 1:1 guidance on key Brexit issues for tourism businesses — initially in border counties, in order to facilitate business sustainability and growth. To access this support, businesses must complete the diagnostic test, which will be reviewed to identify key challenges.

    Areas of expertise will include:

    • Completion of Brexit Readiness Check

    • Priority will be given to tourism businesses located in the border counties or South East region

    • A minimum of 15% of the existing business coming from the GB and/or NI market

    • Dedicated managers within the business in Sales, Revenue Management or Marketing

    • Participation in the Market Diversification Programme

    • Engagement with local Fáilte Ireland Regional team development activities

    • Utilisation of the relevant Fáilte Ireland Regional brand in sales and marketing approach

    For further information please contact

    Tactical Pricing and Contracting

    Have you confidence in pricing, negotiating, contracting and nurturing new international sales business? Does your pricing strategy enable you to price and package different rates for the various sources of business? Here are some important things to consider when you are contracting business…

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    Building Business Performance and Competitiveness Skills

    Helping businesses to offer value for customers and drive competitiveness through their revenue management structures, their pricing and cost management decisions and identification of opportunities is really important.

    Understanding Routes to Market

    Selecting the correct sales channel and sales channel mix is a difficult but important task for any tourism business. Visitors to Ireland use multiple channels, both online and offline, to book their holidays and this, combined with rapid changes in technology, can make it difficult to keep up. This route to market overview will help businesses better understand this landscape and help in the development of a strong channel management strategy.

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    Measuring Your Online Presence

    No doubt, you are investing significant amounts of time, effort and resources in creating and maintaining your brand website and social media platforms. This section gives tips on how to increase your presence for international markets and the use of measurement tools such as Google Analytics to measure your effectiveness.

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    Trading Globally

    This publication has been produced by Fáilte Ireland as your guide to inbound tourism in Ireland.

    Its purpose is to provide you with the knowledge, support and market information to assist you in trading globally. If you have traditionally focused on the domestic marketplace to date and wish to further penetrate a market such as Germany, this guide will help you.

    Chef Toolkit

    Fáilte Ireland has partnered with Chef Network to bring you a new series of smart business tools designed to help you become more efficient without compromising on what matters most – the quality and integrity of your food.