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    Employment Investment Incentive Scheme

    The Employment Investment Incentive Scheme (EII), has replaced the Business Expansion Scheme (BES) as of 1 January 2012. The purpose of EII is to enable a company to attract investors, by way of tax relief for the individual investor.

    Our role in the scheme involves the following:

    • To study tourism applications on behalf of the Revenue.

    • To confirm whether or not an applicant qualifies as a tourism company.

    • To issue a Certificate of Approval where an applicant qualifies.

    Once an applicant receives a Certificate of Approval from us, they can then apply to the Revenue for tax relief for investors under the EII scheme. The Revenue will decide if they are successful. 

    1. Download the guidelines for the Employment Investment Incentive to find out details on the application process, and a listing of various tourism undertakings which qualify for EII [pdf, 148kb].

    2. Fill in the EII business plan template [doc, 984kb]                                                                                      

    3. All tourism applications for EII should include a completed business plan to be sent electronically to:

      IT 55 - General information guide to the Employment and Investment Incentive (EII) Scheme (Revenue) IT 55 template [pdf,299kb].

      Full details of the EII can be found on the Revenue Commissioners website at

    Hotel Capital Allowances

    This incentive allows for a seven year rate of write-off on capital expenditure incurred in the construction or refurbishment of hotel buildings.

    This scheme is now closed to new applicants.

    Section 482: Tax relief for owner occupiers


    Section 482 provides tax relief to the owner occupier of an approved building or approved garden for expenditure incurred for their repair, maintenance or restoration. The owner occupier must then allow reasonable access to the public or use it as a tourist accommodation facility.