Making a complaint

Complaints regarding approved businesses

Fáilte Ireland’s remit under the NQAF is to monitor and assess Statutory sectors and approved tourism accommodation business against the published standards. Browse each sectors’ standards for more information.

Fáilte Ireland does operate a complaints process via our service provider for the provision of assessment, registration and classification services in tourist accommodation.

Your complaint will be forwarded to the operator with your consent, requesting that management respond directly to you within the next two weeks. The operator is also requested to send a copy of their reply to our service provider so that we know the matter has been dealt with.

The aim of this process is to facilitate a dialogue between the consumer and the tourism business so that a satisfactory resolution, for both parties, might be found and agreed. This is achieved in the vast majority of cases.

While Fáilte Ireland does have a role in assessing to the published standards, the legal contract of sale is between the consumer and the tourist accommodation business.

If you feel that you have an issue with the service received, you may, of course, complain directly to the business you have been dealing with, where we would hope that any problems can be resolved.

The best way to get a quick response is by sending the complaint via email to Any phone calls received will be recorded.