Transfer of ownership

Under Section 40(2), where a registered proprietor of a registered premises transfers, by sale or otherwise, such registered premises and business to another person, confirmation of the transfer of ownership from the registered proprietor must be furnished to Fáilte Ireland, providing the details of the transfer before the new proprietor can be registered in the appropriate accommodation Register as the Registered Proprietor of the Premises.

Fáilte Ireland will accept a letter from your solicitor as formal notification of transfer. On receipt of your solicitor’s letter providing the information set out below, we will proceed to update the appropriate accommodation Register to refer to the correct Registered Proprietor of the Premises:

• Registered name of premises and confirmation of business carried out
• Registered address of premises
• Name of Transferor(s)
• Name of Transferee(s) (if a company or a business name, please provide the CRO number)
• Confirmation of transfer of ownership
• Date of Transfer  

Please return your letter by post to:
Fáilte Ireland,
c/o Capita Customer Solutions,
PO Box 51,
Co Cork.
Alternatively, please scan your letter and email to: