Caramelised pear and blue cheese salad

25 February 2012

Caramelised pear dish
Quantity Ingredients Unit Price Unit Cost
200g Blue cheese €7.50 kg €1.50
2 Pears €0.35 each €0.70
100g Red onion €1.49 kg €0.15
30g Chopped walnuts €8.80 kg €0.27
40g Mixed salad leaves €0.02 g €0.80
100ml French dressing €3.63 litre €0.37
Costings for recipe
Overall cost of recipe €3.79
Wastage @ 4% €0.15
Total food cost €3.94
Portion yield 4
Cost per portion €0.98


  1. Peel and slice the pears.

  2. Sprinkle pears with caster sugar and roast in oven at high heat to colour.

  3. Dress the leaves, red onion and walnuts with the French dressing.

  4. Top with the pears and the crumbled blue cheese.

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