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Global destinations research

Global destinations research

<p> Location, location, location - that&#39;s how many global food destinations position themselves to attract and excite customers. We have prepared a series of case studies, trend reports, global destination summaries and key learnings to bring together insights from across the world.</p> <p> These best practice findings are designed to support and guide you in your recovery.&nbsp;</p>

Global destination summary report

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Read the key learnings and common trends from the report.

Download the key learnings [pdf, 152KB]

Understand the trends

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Find out more about the latest food tourism trends.

Download the destination trends [pdf, 543KB]

Global destination full report

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Download the full report for further information on future trends and global best practice.

Download the full report [pdf, 3.3MB]

Key learnings


Find out more about the key areas for future focus.

Download the key areas for future focus [pdf, 2MB]

Case studies

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Global destination case study: Devon

Find out more about how COVID-19 impacted the scenic rural county within the Exmoor tourism area.

Case-Study Solvenia

Global destination case study: Slovenia

Find out more about how Slovenian tourism has gone through a remarkable metamorphosis in recent years.

Case-Study Melbourne

Global destination case study: Melbourne

Find out more about Melbourne's long established restaurant scene and cutting edge food trends.

Case-Study Lisbon

Global destination case study: Lisbon

Find out how Lisbon maximises its position as a global city to stay a pivotal tourism destination.

Case-Study Croatia

Global destination case study: Croatia

Find out more about Croatia's multi-cultural appreciation and a unique model for destination development.

Case-Study Copenhagen

Global destination case study: Copenhagen

Find out more about how Copenhagen has become a destination that has re-invented how tourism is managed and developed.

Case-Study Basque

Global destination case study: The Basque Country

Find out more about how The Basque Country is celebrated for its food and wine offerings.