Am I eligible?

**Closed to new applications**

Applicants should read the eligibility criteria set out below to ensure they qualify for the Gala Dinner Venues Investment Scheme before applying. Please refer to the Gala Dinner Venues Platform Guidelines for further details regarding eligibility criteria. Eligibility does not mean an entitlement to funding (which is at the discretion of Fáilte Ireland), it simply means eligibility to make an application for investment funding.

The Gala Dinner Venues Investment Scheme is open to eligible private, public and voluntary sector applicants and will provide investment grants of up to a maximum of €200,000. Up to 100% of total eligible capital costs may be supported.

Eligibility criteria

  • Location: The proposed site for the gala dinner venue must be located within a 35km drive of the urban centre points in Dublin, Cork, Kerry, the Shannon Region and Galway. See section 3.5.1 in the Platform Guidelines for further information.
  • Capacity: The proposed venue, following development, must have capacity for a minimum of 350 diners banquet style in Dublin, or 250 diners banquet style in Cork, Kerry, the Shannon Region and Galway. The venue must also have adequate space for staging, kitchens and service areas, as well as accommodating a pre-dinner reception.
  • WOW factor: The proposed venue, following development must have what is considered to be the ‘wow’ factor. This is where the venue offers instant appeal to an international audience. A venue’s iconic location, historical or cultural attributes along with the venue’s authenticity and uniqueness can all contribute to delivering the ‘wow’ factor. See section 2.4 in the Platform Guidelines for further information.
  • Infrastructure: The proposed site, following development, must have suitable access for groups ie adequate road access suitable for a coach, sufficient space for coach set-down and/ or parking. The proposed site, following development, must have adequate catering and toilet facilities to cater for the large group sizes required of this scheme.
  • Availability: The proposed venue must be contractable, commissionable and available to host gala dinners for corporate events, a minimum of 24 days per year following completion of the project. Refer to full operational criteria in section 3.5.2 of the Platform Guidelines.
  • Operating period: The proposed venue must be in operation and available as a gala dinner venue for Business Events for a minimum of 5 years from the first day the venue is available to book after the project is completed.
  • Accessibility: The proposed venue should be fully accessible for all end-clients including those with mobility challenges, and at a minimum comply with statutory requirements.
  • Sustainability: Environmental sustainability measures undertaken in the development of a gala dinner venue, are recommended and desired by Fáilte Ireland as part of this Scheme and eligible costs are fundable. The venue should deliver events complying with best practice environmental sustainability measures. Please see Platform Guidelines Appendix 2.
  • Regional Convention Bureau: Grantees will be required to become a partner of the Regional Convention Bureau located in their area. Visit Meet in Ireland for more information on the RCB in your area.

In addition to the above, please refer to the Platform Guidelines section 3.5.3 for legal and financial criteria.

Ineligible projects

The following project types are ineligible under this Scheme:

  • Projects located outside of the geographical confines of the Scheme (see Scheme Guidelines Appendix 1)
  • Sites with unapproved accommodation
  • Traditional hotel ballrooms or function rooms, or associated services and facilities
  • Conference centres
  • Sporting venues and facilities, including stadiums and golf courses
  • Stand-alone food and beverage facilities i.e. cafés, tearooms, restaurants, public houses
  • Community and leisure centres
  • Cinemas 
**Closed to new applications**