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    Guidelines, terms & conditions

    The Restart Grant Plus scheme gives grants to businesses to help them reopen their premises and get back to work.

    To find out more about the scheme's criteria, read the Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs Guidelines.

    Download a PDF version of Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs Guidelines [pdf, 188kb]

    • Who can apply for the Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs? What are the criteria for qualifying?

    • B&B businesses which pay local authority rates should apply directly to their Local Authority.

      Note: A B&B business is only eligible to apply for one grant under this specific Restart Grant
      Plus scheme for B&Bs.

      In Phase 1, applicants must be part of the National Quality Assurance Framework (NQAF) either through direct approval by Fáilte Ireland, or as a member of B&B Ireland’s Quality Assurance Framework.

      Phase 2 is open to all commercial B&Bs which do not pay local authority commercial rates.

      In order to apply for the Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs, a B&B business must:

      a. Be commercial and with a trading track record;

      b. Have 0 - 250 employees;

      c. Have suffered a projected 25%+ loss in turnover between 1 April to end June 2020, based on a
      comparable period in 2019;

      d. Commit to remain open or to reopen in 2020 / 2021 if it was closed; and

      e. Intend to retain employees that are/were on the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) (formerly Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS))

      f. Be in operation prior to January 2020.

      g. Be a micro, small or medium enterprise with turnover in the last financial year of less than €25m and employing less than 250 people.

    • What do you mean by a B&B?
    • A B&B (Bed and Breakfast) business must provide at least two and no more than six guest bedrooms, none of which must have access through another room. The maximum number of bedrooms in the house shall not exceed nine, including proprietors’ family bedrooms.
      A B&B must serve breakfast to their guests.

    • What do you mean by a B&B-style business?
    • You may also be eligible to apply for the Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs if your business operates as a B&B-style business with up to fourteen bedrooms and meets the following criteria:

      • Serves a substantial breakfast
      • Has notified the Health Service Executive (HSE) that you operate a Bed & Breakfast and are therefore considered to be a food business
      • Complies with relevant statutory requirements including Building Control Act for planning requirements and Fire Safety Act; taxation and employment requirements.

    • How do I demonstrate that I operate a commercial B&B?
    • A commercial B&B must

      • Comply with the Fire Services Acts 1981 and 2003 (as amended or extended) and with any Regulations made thereunder (as amended or extended), and be in possession of a valid Fire Safety Certificate.

      • Comply with the Local Government (Planning and Development) Acts, 1963-2000 (as amended or extended) and be in possession of a Certificate of Compliance in relation to the planning permission granted and the building regulations including all current legislation.

      • Have notified the HSE in accordance with Article 6(2) of Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 and under Regulation 6 of S.I. No 369 of 2006 as amended and be in compliance with Food Safety Regulations.

      Compliance with these statutory requirements may be checked at any time and further information may be sought.

      In addition, applicants are requested to provide evidence of their business operation to allow for verification of a trading track record. Examples of suitable evidence include one or more of the following:

      • Evidence of your B&B listing on a booking engine (e.g. screenshot of listing)

      • Copy of correspondence to your business address confirming booking(s)

      • A recent signed Accountant or Auditor Report relating to your B&B business

      • A recent photograph of the premises including B&B signage.

      • Other evidence which can verify the operation of your B&B business.

      You will also be required to provide a link to the B&B’s website or promotional web page online e.g. Facebook page. Where a B&B does not have an online presence, we require details of how the B&B attracts customers.

      Verification will form part of the application review process.

    • What can I use the grant for?
    • The grant is a contribution towards the cost of re-opening or keeping a business operational and re-connecting with employees and customers.

    • How much will I get?
    • The Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs will be a minimum of €4,000 for non rate-paying B&Bs i.e. B&B businesses not on the Local Authority commercial rates system. Top-ups are available in respect to current restrictions. 
      B&Bs that are on the commercial rates system can apply to their Local Authority for the equivalent of their 2019 rates bill, excluding arrears, subject to a minimum grant of €4,000 and a maximum of €25,000.

    • How do I apply?
    • Phase 1 has now closed, however all commercial B&B businesses which have not yet applied can still apply in Phase 2. 

      Access the application form for Phase 2, for B&Bs which are not approved under National Quality Assurance Framework (NQAF)

      Phase 2 closes on 30 November 2020. 

      Applicants should note that granting access to the application form does not confirm final eligibility of an applicant. Depending on the information provided in the application form, an applicant may still be deemed ineligible for funding later in the process.

      Please contact our dedicated support line on 1800 781463  or email for further assistance.

    • Does the business need to be open at the time of applying?
    • As this is a restart grant, it is designed to support operators in planning and making alterations to enable their B&B business to re-open. The business must be able to demonstrate (if requested) that the B&B business operated in 2020 and incurred costs related to COVID-19 prevention measures. However, if a business was unable to reopen due to the Government Roadmap in 2020 and continued to incur operational costs and makes a commitment to reopen in 2021, they are entitled to apply for the grant.

      The grant may be subject to audit by Fáilte Ireland. Therefore, you are required to retain all records relating to this grant for a period of up to 10 years.a

    • How long must the business have been closed in order to claim this grant?
    • There are no specific requirements around the length of time the business was closed, however the business must have suffered cash losses of 25% or greater compared with the same period last year, based on your expected turnover for the period 1 April to 30 June 2020. 

      This may be verified at any time.

    • How soon will I get my grant?
    • Applications will be processed in order of receipt. On average, we will aim to process applications generally within two weeks of receipt of all required information.

    • How will the grant be paid?
    • The grant will be paid by electronic transfer to the business account.

    • When is the closing date for applications?
    • Phase 1 opened on 14 September and closed on 28 October 2020.

      Phase 2 opened on 19 October and will close on 30 November 2020.

    • Can rate paying B&Bs apply to Fáilte Ireland?
    • No, rate paying B&Bs must apply to the Local Authority.
      Only B&Bs that are not in rateable premises can apply to Fáilte Ireland.

    • Is this the only COVID-19 grant available to B&Bs?
    • B&Bs that are on the commercial rates system can apply to their local authority for the equivalent of their 2019 rates bill, excluding arrears, subject to a minimum grant of €4,000 and a maximum of €25,000 under the Restart Grant Plus. The Restart Grant Plus provides grants for small and medium businesses to help them re-open their premises and get back to work.

      Click here for further details on this grant.

      B&Bs in non commercial rate paying premises i.e. not on the local authority commercial rates system, can apply to Fáilte Ireland under the Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs (this grant) and/or under the COVID-19 Adaptation Fund for the Re-opening of Tourism & Hospitality Businesses which closes on 31 October 2020.

      Fáilte Ireland’s COVID-19 Adaptation Fund is an additional support, designed to contribute to the re-opening costs incurred by tourism businesses, particularly the costs of implementing Fáilte Ireland’s Guidelines for Re-opening.

      For further details on the COVID-19 Adaptation Fund for the Re-opening of Tourism & Hospitality Businesses,
      click here.

    • Can you apply for the Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs if in receipt of/applying for other grants?
    • B&Bs are eligible to apply for up to €500 for capital expenditure through Fáilte Ireland’s COVID-19 Adaptation Fund until 31 October 2020. In order to apply for this grant, B&B businesses must be part of the National Quality Assurance Framework, and have signed up to the COVID-19 Safety Charter.

      See here for details.

    • What is a Bank Statement Header?
    • The bank statement header is the top of a recent bank statement indicating your business name and address and business bank account number, which should be scanned or photographed, and uploaded as an attachment to the application form to verify your business name and address, and your bank account details.

      The bank statement used should be from 2020.

    • If I am not happy with the decision to refuse my grant can I appeal?
    • Yes, any decision to refuse a grant may be appealed in writing to

      Appeals relating to a decision to refuse an application shall be made in writing within 7 days of receipt of notification of the decision to Fáilte Ireland whose decision will be final.

    • Where can I find further information?
    • For all the latest information pertaining to this Grant, please visit the Fáilte Ireland website.

      For individual queries please contact our dedicated support line on 1800 781463 or email for further assistance:

    • Terms and conditions
    • The following Terms and Conditions are included in the application form.

      It will be a condition of any application for grant aid under the Restart Grant Plus for B&Bs 2020, that in addition to the Guidelines, Terms & Conditions document the applicant has read, understood and accepted the following:
      Fáilte Ireland is not bound to accept any application, including an application from an eligible applicant. Any assistance, including any guidance from Fáilte Ireland so as to better specify an application shall not bind Fáilte Ireland to any funding.

      Fáilte Ireland shall not be liable to the applicant or any other party, in respect of any loss, damage or costs of any nature arising directly or indirectly from:

      •  The application or the subject matter of the application; or
      •  The rejection for any reason of any application.

      Fáilte Ireland shall not be held responsible or liable, at any time in any circumstances, in relation to any matter whatsoever arising in connection with the administration of the programme.

      No contractual rights in favour of an applicant shall exist unless and until a grant confirmation email is issued by Fáilte Ireland to the applicant.

      Moreover, Fáilte Ireland does not accept any liability or loss of any kind suffered by any applicant or any interested party arising out of or in connection with the treatment of particular funding under State Aid law or any attendant processes including recovery or claw-back at any time and Fáilte Ireland does not accept any liability for any assistance, guidance or representations howsoever given to the applicant.

      Applicants should note that under the Freedom of Information Act 2014, information provided by them in their application may be liable to be disclosed. Applicants are asked to consider if any of the information supplied by them in their application should not be disclosed because of its confidentiality or commercial sensitivity. If applicants consider that certain information should not be disclosed due to confidentiality or commercial sensitivity, they must clearly identify such information and specify the reasons why it is confidential or commercially sensitive. Any information not identified as confidential or commercially sensitive is liable to be released in response to a Freedom of Information request without further notice to the applicant. Fáilte Ireland will, where possible, consult with applicants about confidential or commercially sensitive information so identified before making a decision on a request received under the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

    • Legal obligations
    • We confirm that I am / we are and will continue to be at all times fully compliant with all relevant legal obligations including, but not limited to, any in regard to employment, planning, the environment, taxation, child protection, equality of opportunity, the nine grounds of discrimination under equality legislation, the equal status act 2000, local authority and industry requirements, food hygiene and safety and other applicable requirements of Irish and EU law.

    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Both the applicant and Fáilte Ireland shall have regard to their statutory obligations under the GDPR (2016/670) and the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018. In this regard, in so far as the applicant processes personal data for the purpose of this application it shall comply with its obligations as a “data controller” under the GDPR.