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    Management Development Programme

    Following the success of the Management Development Programme for Visitor Attractions in 2016, the programme is now being offered to tourism activity providers in Dublin.

    Activity providers are a vital component of the tourism experience in Dublin because they allow our visitors to truly immerse themselves in the surroundings and living culture of the capital as they interact with people and uncover stories and unexpected surprises along the way. 

    What is the Management Development Programme?

    The Management Development Programme helps participants gain new insights to strategically develop their business and take practical steps to further improve the experience for the visitor. 

    The programme includes a series of workshops, on-site mentoring and a European Benchmarking Best Practice Site Visit. Participants will have access to industry practitioners, university lecturers from Trinity College and Ulster University and consultants in the areas of business planning, leadership, marketing and international sales.

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    Who should attend this programme?

    Tourism activity businesses who:

    • Have been in operation for at least one year

    • Focus on offering paid, immersive visitor activities to overseas visitors in Dublin

    • Have a dedicated website or social media channel and offer an online booking facility

    • Are open to overseas visitors for more than 182 days a year and for at least 4 hours per day in high season 

    Applicants must:

    • Be the owner / manager of the business or the General Manager

    • Have the capability and power to influence change within the business

    • Commit to attending all elements of the programme

    • Be responsible for managing employees

    Business and Personal Benefits

    • Learn how to become more competitive and efficient in attracting more visitors and increasing revenue

    • Network with other senior managers in the industry

    • Build business plans and strategies based on sound business principles

    • Introduce the latest thinking into your business

    • Build your own management and leadership capabilities

    To find out more about the programme please click here..(link to pdf)

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