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Accommodation statistics January to October 2013

Demand for guesthouses grew by 4% in January to October compared to the same time last year. Download the 2013 report to find out more.

Accommodation occupancies 2013
Visitor insights

Over six million visitors came to Ireland in 2012.

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Overseas visitors participation in cultural activities in 2013 [pdf 247kb]

Over three and a half million overseas visitors to Ireland visited a historical or cultural attraction in 2013, and more than one and a half million visited gardens. Find out more about overseas visitors participation in cultural activities in 2013.

Overseas visitors January-June 2014 [pdf, 256 kb]

Get the latest data on overseas visitors to Ireland in 2014.

Fáilte Ireland’s Tourism VAT Study 2014 [2.26MB]

This reports show that the reduced VAT rate on tourism goods and services appears to have met its original aims of driving employment growth. Thus far, a jobs gain of approx. 30,000 has been achieved.

Developments in Dublin's Accommodation Capacity - Briefing Paper [pdf, 885kb]

This report highlights the fact that accommodation occupancy rates in Dublin, particularly hotel occupancy rates, are now at high levels. Unless more stock becomes available, Dublin runs the risk of being unable to accommodate the anticipated level of demands.

Activity product usage among overseas visitors 2013 (pdf, 257kb)

Almost three quarters of a million overseas visitors engaged in hiking/hillwalking while in Ireland in 2013. Find out more about overseas visitors who engage in activities in Ireland in “Activity product usage among overseas visitors 2013.

Overseas visitors to Ireland January-June 2014

The Central Statistics Office published their latest estimates of overseas visitor numbers to Ireland on 28th July 2014.

Download the latest summary of overseas visitor performance in 2014 [pdf, 256 kb]


Fáilte Ireland provided us with expert help, which allowed Cork's Festivals Forum to explore and develop our potential. 

Nicki French-Davis
Cork Festivals Forum