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    Manage your team’s effectiveness by addressing a range of strategic considerations.

    These will help you maximise the contribution that your employees make to your business.

    Everybody in your business, both managers and employees, must individually and collectively perform to a high standard if you are to achieve your business goals. But, as you well know, getting the most from your people is a major challenge in the sense that it’s difficult to ensure that each individual employee contributes to the maximum extent all of the time. The challenge is further magnified as you not only have to think of individual performance, but you must focus on team dynamics as well. In light of such a diverse and complex undertaking as maximising employee contribution you will not be surprised to learn that it’s a matter of working on many different strands as opposed to finding one or two magic solutions that will raise the commitment and performance of all employees.
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    Some commonly accepted factors that help to maximise employee contribution are illustrated here. Whilst there is no pretence that these factors account for everything that is required to get the best from your people, they do provide general headings under which everything can fit. At the centre of it all is leadership and in seeking to get the most from your employees, it is vital that you do not overlook just how important this factor is.

    Use the getting the most from your employees guide to help you identify the priority factors that you must consider from a strategic perspective when seeking to maximise the contribution that your employees, individually and collectively, make to your business. The reflection activities will help you work through specific areas where you might need to strengthen, or revise your existing approach. Doing so is worthwhile because any improvements you make in the various themes addressed here can but have a positive impact on business performance.