Food trends

Food fashions are always changing. Take a look at our list of the hottest trends for 2015...

Vegetables transformed

Vegetables are still hogging the limelight and this year it’s all about fermenting. Watch too as high flavoured fresh vegetables such as celeriac, parsnips and kohlrabi will grab attention in restaurant kitchens possibly replacing the humble potato; and even vegetable flavoured yogurts such as tomato and beetroot are set to debut.

Technology is trending

An image of mobile phonesTechnology continues to change the way our food industry works. More establishments are experimenting with tablets and apps, front and back of house and customers can reserve tables, order meals and pay with their smartphones, so forget putting phones away at dinner. There are even phone food apps for customising hamburgers and retina scanning technology to see how long your eyes will linger on each item and help you choose the perfect food combinations.

Alcohol wizardry

An image of glasses of drinksNot only are craft beers and ciders continuing to make their mark throughout Ireland (and the world), there is a lot of excitement around the new whiskeys, gins and vodkas making their way onto the retail shelves and our favourite drinks menus. Expect more food matching and visitor attractions to meet the makers.

Health kick

A graphic of the words eat cleanThere’s been a rise in popularity of eating clean, wholesome foods and the trend is only growing but the trend for 2015 is eating while on the go. Give your customers ‘food to go’ options to incorporate all those veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and whole grains that they want as part of their diet. Know too that be pollen is the new Manuka honey and ancient grains like amaranth and freekah will rise in popularity.

Non-wheat flours

An image of flourAs a result of the rise in popularity of gluten-free products the new craze is to use alternative flours like almond, hazelnut, coconut, chickpea and fava bean which should lead to some new menu options to choose from.

Going up in smoke

An image of smoked sausagesSmoking is already big news in the food world, with everything from butter to vegetables getting the fire treatment. You will notice that some healthy recipes are using smoked spices as a way to add depth of flavour and meatiness to dishes – so look out for even more smoked flavours to emerge into favourite foods, menus and supermarkets.

Get up close and personal

An image of a country picnicInspired by the Airbnb travel guide model, watch out for new online platforms that will give travellers the opportunity to book unique food experiences directly with local farmers, artisan producers, supper clubs, home cooks, craft brewers or passionate foodies who are happy to share their local knowledge.

Insect protein bars

An image of some mealwormsWant a super-healthy diet? Believe it or not, insects are the way to go. Hugely rich in protein, word is that they will start to appear in exercise bars and as edible snacks on the go. Chocolate coated crickets anyone?