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    Tools for food businesses

    Track your payroll [xls, 41.5kb]

    Keep a track of your payroll costs by using this simple labour costs calculator.

    Monitor kitchen cleanliness and hygiene

    Use these cleaning templates to keep on top of your cleaning schedule. Included - kitchen hygiene checklist, cleaning schedule sample and template.

    Create your own recipe cards [docx, 784kb]

    Use this template to create your own recipe cards, quick to create and easy to use.

    Small order costing sheet [docx, 50.2kb]

    This sample order sheet will help smaller establishments keep control of their ordering system.

    Pre-prepared food costing template [xls, 41.5kb]

    Determine what your selling price should be in order to receive a reasonable return or profit margin on pre-prepared foods.

    Create your own costing sheet [xls, 776kb]

    Food cost calculation sheets include templates for an ingredient price list, stocktake sheet and recipe sheet.

    Calculate your gross profit margin

    The primary cause of business failure in the food service industry is inadequate cost control. Do your menu prices provide a healthy profit margin?