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    Fáilte Ireland funded development of Wicklow Gaol launched

    Fáilte Ireland funded development of Wicklow Gaol launched

    A new, multi-sensory interpretation of the history of Wicklow’s Historic Gaol was launched recently.

    The development investment of €240,000  was 80% funded by Fáilte Ireland and 20% funded by Wicklow Enterprise Park.  It is designed to engage the senses and drive home the reality of life in prison.

    Holographic projections of cruel prison guards, lifelike mannequins of major historic figures and state of the art audio-visual systems recreate the sounds of the defiant cries of the 1798 rebels, the famine era, the War of Independence and Civil War.  The replica two-deck transportation ship now features holographic interaction with the ship’s Captain as visitors climb aboard the torturous 200-day journey to Van Diemens land.

    Iconic historic figures including Robert Erskine Childers (father of President Childers) Wicklow United Irishman Billy Byrne, the tragic female transportee Eliza Davis, Fr. Eoin McPhee the first ever prisoner listed in the Gaol (arrested for saying a Rock Mass) and many other unforgettable characters have entire cells dedicated to telling their story.

    Opening the new exhibition with former governor of Mountjoy Prison, John Lonergan, Orla Woods, Fáilte Ireland said:

    Research tells us that tourists are motivated by the desire to really connect with a place, its culture and people, to get under the skin and experience the unique features and attributes of the destination.It is the gems – such as those that are to be discovered here in Wicklow Gaol – that have the power to turn tourist attractions into memorable experiences experiences which will be shared and promoted to friends and family.

    She continued:

    The work that has been carried out here has the potential to greatly enhance the experience of the visitor to the Gaol so that they leave remembering the place, the events the characters and keen to share their experience with a wider audience.  

    Find out more about Wicklow Gaol here.  

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