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  • What is the Digital that Delivers programme?
  • Digital that Delivers is a ground-breaking initiative from Fáilte Ireland, designed to power digital transformation for the visitor experiences sector (visitor attractions, activity providers and day tours). The programme runs over the course of two years and provides participating businesses with training, expert advice and financial supports to launch key digital projects, develop digital skills and drive more sales online. 

    As part of the programme, participating businesses can expect to build a bespoke digital roadmap tailored to support their digital needs, become more efficient with new technology and increase their capability. They will gain access to a suite of online learning tools, toolkits, webinars, expert-led workshops and 1-2-1 support. 

    To ensure long-term benefits of this free-to-participate programme, participating businesses will have to allocate approximately two to four days per month to attend training, meetings and for the implementation of the recommended technology and actions.

  • How will the programme be delivered?
  • The programme will be delivered remotely over the course of two years by Fáilte Ireland and leading subject matter experts who will work closely with participating businesses to provide training, expert advice and financial support.

  • How do businesses apply to the programme?

  • Digital that Delivers Expression of Interest is now closed. If you are interested in being added to the programme waitlist please send your details to digital.delivers@failteireland.ie.

  • I don’t have a Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal account. What is it, and how do I get an account?
  • The Trade Portal is Fáilte Ireland’s online self-service portal. It provides Irish tourism sector with access to key supports, opportunities, funding and events. You can register at https://tradeportal.failteireland.ie/. If you have any questions or need help with the registration process, please contact our Customer Support Team at CustomerSupport@failteireland.ie or on 0818 888 800.

  • I do not see the expression of interest form in my Trade Portal account. How do I access it?
  • If you need any help with accessing the application form, please contact our Customer Support Team at CustomerSupport@failteireland.ie or on 0818 888 800.

  • What’s involved in the application process?
  • Digital that Delivers Expression of Interest is now closed. If you are interested in being added to the programme waitlist please send your details to digital.delivers@failteireland.ie.
    After the evaluation of the submitted applications, several businesses will be selected to participate in the programme. They will then be reviewed for digital maturity by Fáilte Ireland’s subject matter experts. The experts will develop a bespoke digital roadmap for each successful applicant with identified training and development opportunities. All participating businesses will be assigned a dedicated project coordinator who will provide 1-2-1 support and coordinate their expert training throughout the course of the programme.

  • What is an eligible business?
  • Digital that Delivers works with public, private and voluntary sector Visitor Experiences that: 
    • are within the Republic of Ireland 
    • are able to commit the required resources throughout the two years of the programme 
    • are ambitious to grow commercially and are supportive of the key objectives of the Digital that Delivers programme 
    • have not reached the De Minimus grant funding ceiling of €300,000 over a three-year fiscal period 
    • add to the diversity of the destination offering, and 
    • have the potential to increase visitor dwell time or extend the season for a region. 
    A “Visitor Experience” refers to a tourism category that includes attractions, activities and day tours.   
    “Attractions” are places that offer visitors interesting things to see or do and are subject to admission fees or other conditions of entry. 
    “Activities” involve visitors as active participants in an experience, for a fee, and may require special equipment, skills, or attributes – or involve a degree of risk.  
    “Day tours” are guided or self-guided visits that may take place in several attractions, activities, or points of interest within a 24-hour period. 
    Further information is available in the Digital that Delivers Programme Guidelines.

  • Why are only certain businesses/providers eligible for participation in the programme?
  • Research conducted by Fáilte Ireland identified market failure in the distribution of visitor experiences. The programme has been developed to address this market failure in the distribution of Ireland’s tourism product offering. Businesses must therefore be classed as a bookable and chargeable visitor experience to participate in the programme, i.e., an attraction, activity provider or day tour provider.  

  • What is the rationale for focusing on attractions, activities and day tour providers?
  • Fáilte Ireland commissioned detailed auditing of 1350+ Attractions and Activity providers in 2020 and uncovered significant market failures. The digital presence and eCommerce capabilities of market participants lag behind international competitors and our own domestic accommodation sector. Consumers cannot easily discover their products, cannot book them online and/or cannot pay for the experience online. This affects businesses’ ability to market themselves and respond to challenges and is likely reducing sales. 

  • How much does participation in the Digital the Delivers programme cost?
  • Participation in the Digital that Delivers programme is 100 % grant-funded on a reimbursement basis.  

  • What areas of digital improvement are funded under this programme?
  • Eligible expenditure under the Digital that Delivers programme include, but are not limited to:  
    • Purchase of necessary hardware and equipment  
    • Design, activation, enhancement, upgrade and configuration of a connected online booking system  
    • Integration of booking system and/or website with other systems  
    • Website design, development, setup and optimisation, including reporting and analytics 
    • Digital strategy design 
    • Once-off SEO implementation  
    • Copywriting, Photography & Videography  
    • Content Strategy Design  
    • Content Creation Hardware
    Only eligible expenditure will be grant funded under this programme. The above list is not exhaustive and is for guidance and descriptive purposes only. Fáilte Ireland’s decisions in relation to eligible and ineligible expenditure and the disbursement of monies are at the absolute discretion of Fáilte Ireland and are final.  

  • What expenditure is ineligible for funding under this programme?
  • Ineligible expenditure under the Digital that Delivers programme include, but are not limited to:  
    • Costs not associated with the recommendations outlined in the applicant’s roadmap  
    • Costs related to work that was not agreed on as part of the grant application and approval  
    • Costs incurred and/or paid before date of project approval by Fáilte Ireland  
    • Costs incurred after the completion date as stated in the Investment Grant Agreement 
    • Internal staff wages or costs for time spent on the project (including staff training costs) 
    • Ongoing/recurring hosting fees or any other ongoing website/system management costs 
    • Purchase of online, digital marketing or advertising campaigns (including start-up marketing activity)  
    • Payment/credit card transaction fees charged by a vendor  
    • Ongoing/recurring costs for support and maintenance (including equipment replacement expenses)  
    • Ongoing/recurring costs for licenses or subscriptions  
    • Clothing  
    • Travel and accommodation expenses  
    • Printed materials 
    • Financing costs (including bank interest and charges)  
    • Fines, penalty payments, legal costs, audit fees and insurances  
    • Operational costs 
    • Recoverable VAT  

  • How will the funding be administered?
  • The funding will be administered through an investment grant scheme by Fáilte Ireland. Learn more.

    Grant awards made under this programme are made on the condition that the grant combined with any other De Minimis aid received during a rolling three-year fiscal period does not exceed the ceiling of €300,000 for all De Minimis aid. Funding is provided at the absolute discretion of Fáilte Ireland on the basis of the criteria set out in the ​​Digital that Delivers Programme Guidelines and is subject to the availability of Government Funding and to State Aid rules. 

  • How much will I receive?
  • Following confirmation of participation in the programme, each business will be supported by Fáilte Ireland’s subject matter experts to identify their business requirements. The final rate of investment approved per business will be dependent on the recommended solutions and supports outlined in the digital roadmap. Grant funding is provided on a reimbursement of approved costs basis. 

  • When can I expect the funding?
  • Programme participants will be reimbursed for approved costs incurred as part of the programme. On an individual business level, the timeline for payment of funding will depend on the requirements of that business and the level of engagement they can dedicate to the programme.  

  • Will the programme include participants who provide accommodation?
  • In 2023, Digital that Delivers continues to focus on supporting the digital transformation of the visitor experiences sector. As funding becomes available, the ambition is to recruit new intakes of industry across the tourism sector over the coming years.