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  • Dublin Champion: Sinead Maher

    Sinéad Maher on the Dublin Champions Programme

    “I’m a proud Dubliner and have worked in the tourist industry here for several years. I thought I knew my city, but the Dublin Champions programme really opened my eyes to the huge amount of things to see and do here. It’s knowledge I put into practice every day when a visitor to the hotel and asks my advice about how best to appreciate all Dublin has to offer.

    “One of my most abiding memories of the programme was taking part in one of Pat Liddy’s walking tours. Pat knows Dublin’s history inside out and his enthusiasm is infectious. Go on one of his tours and you will think of the city differently - it will encourage you to look around, to see that there’s so much there just off the beaten track. I intend to do another tour, off my own bat. 

    “Marsh’s Library was a revelation to me. It was somewhere I hadn’t really known about and it’s like another world. Walk in there and it’s like you’ve stepped back in time.

    “The other thing that was really brought home to me is how perfect Dublin’s location is. You can go to the Dublin mountains or one of the coastal villages even on a short break in the city - they’re that close. And, how great is it that you could have a swim in Skerries in the morning and be back in the city for lunch? Dalkey is just half an hour away by Dart and you can be at the beach at Dollymount Strand in minutes.

    “I would recommend the Champions Programme to anyone keen to discover just how much this city has to offer. It’ll make you think differently about Dublin - even if you’ve lived here all your life - and that means you can impart your new-found insights to help your guests get the most out of their stay here.”

    Sinéad Maher is a receptionist at the Ashling Hotel and took part in the Dublin Champion programme earlier this summer. If you are interested in becoming a Dublin Champion, please email:

    Sinead Maher