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What if I want to target a different market?

You can still follow all of our tips and advice. Contact details for all of our overseas offices are listed in Step 4.


Learn how to sell Ireland's culture and heritage in this dedicated section.

Market to cultural tourists

Sell to overseas markets

Learn the basics of international tourism marketing in four simple stages and get a foothold in the overseas markets with our Sales Connect - Know your Markets.

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Step 1 – Research your target markets

Explore the attitudes and activities of overseas tourists in these detailed research documents.

  • Discover how Ireland is promoted overseas
  • Find out how international holidaymakers plan their trips
  • Co-operate with local tour operators
  • Translate facts and figures into meaningful information

Step 2 – Know your distribution channels

Confused about incoming tour operators? Puzzled about when to offer commission or net rates? This short guide demystifies the process of getting your tourism product to your customer.

Download a guide to distribution channels [pdf, 4.42MB]

Step 3 – Building relationships

Promote your product by working with local partners, engaging in marketing promotions, and building long-term relationships with overseas trade partners.

Download a guide to building relationships with overseas partners [pdf, 10.1MB]

Overseas marketing – Dos & Don'ts


  • Know as much as possible about the end consumer and your overseas trade partner
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and know how your product matches their needs


  • Don't bury your head in the sand if you get a negative online review
  • Don't underestimate the power of the Irish welcome for overseas visitors

Download an introduction to Sales Connect [pdf, 1.5MB]