Wild Atlantic Way project updates

Wild Atlantic Way project updates

The overall aim of the Wild Atlantic Way project is to achieve greater visibility for the west coast of Ireland in overseas tourist markets through this long-distance touring route.

The six stages of the project are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Develop brand proposition and identity, and key market segments
  • Stage 2: Identify the route
  • Stage 3: Way-finding strategy including directional signage
  • Stage 4: Delivery of 'Discovery Points'
  • Stage 5: Selling Wild Atlantic Way experiences
  • Stage 6: Marketing and communications

The next stages of the Wild Atlantic Way project have commenced — these involve delivering the 'Discovery Points'; selling great Wild Atlantic Way experiences; and marketing the Wild Atlantic Way.

Wild Atlantic Way: Trade sales support

Can you describe the Wild Atlantic Way in one word? 

Take a look at our interactive sales presentation tool. This online aid introduces the Wild Atlantic Way, the people that make it so special and all that the route has to offer.

Catering for group travel?

We have also created a handy manual designed to assist overseas operators to organise trips for larger groups.

Find out more and download the full trade manual [pdf, 13MB].

Project goals

Once fully-realised, the Wild Atlantic Way project will:

  • assist in increasing visitor numbers, dwell time, spend and satisfaction along all parts of the route

  • re-package the Atlantic seaboard as a destination to overseas and domestic visitors

  • improve linkages between, and add value to, a range of attractions and activities

  • improve on-road and on-trail interpretation, infrastructure and signage along and around the route

  • direct visitors to less-visited areas

  • build on the work completed in these areas already and assist businesses, agencies, local groups and other stakeholders to work together

  • reinforce the strengths and characteristics of all of the areas located along the west coast, while offering the visitor one compelling reason to visit.