The impact of COVID-19 on our industry

The impact of COVID-19 on our industry 

Throughout the global health crisis, one truth has emerged here in Ireland — that the nation's tourism businesses will stop at nothing to keep their customers safe and to adapt and pivot in order to survive.

Every day, the Fáilte Ireland team hears stories of innovation and survival as businesses grapple with a new reality and do everything they can to support their own staff members and reassure their customer base.

Fáilte Ireland remains dedicated to assisting the tourism industry through these hard times and we call on each and every business to lean on our supports and those offered by the Government. With solidarity and commitment, we'll get through this together.


David O'Connell
Tifco Hotel Group

"The main market demand drivers — business tourism, concerts, international market, sports events — were lost overnight.

Dublin hotels faced challenges as domestic demand was naturally drawn to coastal locations and regional hotels during the 6 to 8 week window over the summer months. 

To overcome these challenges, they focused on the safety and security of guests and employees, and operational systems and protocols as a priority to generate demand."


Niamh O’Shea
GM of Killarney Park Hotel

"Business disappeared over night the uncertainty and unfamiliarity were very hard. Hotels quickly redirected focus to the domestic market through digital channels – targeting families, outdoor activities, nature and flexible booking terms became the priority."

Crothúr Murphy
Crafted Ireland

Crothur Murphy

"Upgrading backend systems and client-facing recourses will allow Custom Ireland to return to work with more streamlining, efficiency and innovation. Strengthening personal relationships on a one-to-one basis works best for our business."

Richie O’Hara

"A comprehensive risk analysis of the business resulted in new facilities and online booking system to manage customer flow. Perseverance, determination and innovation optimism and safety are the hall marks of their operations."

Sean Connick, GM of Dunbrody Famine Ship & Irish Emigrant Experience

"There were many challenges facing the attractions sector: finance, business liquidity and HR.  There is a cost for businesses to be closed.  When given the opportunity to reopen, we adapted to create a safe and controlled environment. Attractions transformed their businesses to meet the new norm, managing visitor flow and reduced capacity, and moving business online. "