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    Tourism facts and figures

    Travel profile 2019

    This profile outlines the key travel characteristics of Island of Ireland (IOI) residents in 2019, which will help the industry maximise the potential of these markets as restrictions ease post COVID-19.

    Key Tourism Facts 2019 [pdf, 2.9mb]

    Key Tourism Facts 2019 provides Fáilte Ireland’s estimates of overseas tourists’ and holidaymakers’ performance in 2019.

    Overseas holidaymaker study [pdf, 5.8MB]

    A summary of research conducted with overseas holidaymakers in 2019, investigating their holiday planning process and their experience of Ireland during their holiday here in Ireland.

    Fáilte Ireland Barometer September 2020 [pdf, 720MB]

    Fáilte Ireland carried out a survey of the industry in the first week of September to help inform our evolving responses to the challenges facing tourism. A summary of results, broken down by sector, is provided in the attached report.

    Air Access into the Republic of Ireland Winter 2018-2019 [pdf, 236kb]

    Find out how many weekly flights came to Ireland in the Winter of 2018/2019, where they came from and what airports they arrived at.

    Travel Profile of Key Markets [pdf, 5.5MB]

    Profile of the four most important markets for Irish tourism Britain, USA, France and Germany (68% of overseas tourists come from these four key market)

    Targeting US Holidaymakers [pdf, 691kb]

    America is an important market for Ireland. Learn more about how best to target this market and what motivates travel.

    Targeting French Holidaymakers [pdf, 691kb]

    France is an important market for Ireland. Learn more about how best to target and position Ireland to this market.

    Targeting British Holidaymakers [pdf, 691kb]

    Britain is a key source market for Ireland. Learn more about how best to target to this market who often consider Ireland as an extension of their domestic market.