COVID-19 Safety Charter
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COVID-19 Safety Charter

The COVID-19 Safety Charter is a Government-endorsed initiative to reinforce confidence in domestic and overseas visitors in tourism businesses. The COVID-19 Safety Charter is designed to give comfort and reassurance to employers, employees and customers that your business is ready to re-open safely.
Fáilte Ireland has issued sector specific guidelines for tourism and hospitality businesses to guide you in how best to meet the Government's public health advice; by signing up to this Charter, you and all your employees are agreeing to follow the recommended guidelines for your sector. 
To be eligible to sign up to the COVID-19 Safety Charter, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Charter, to adhere to the official guidelines for re-opening relevant to your sector and to ensure that all your employees undertake requisite COVID-19 safety & hygiene control training. Tourism and hospitality sectors eligible for the COVID-19 Safety Charter include sectors that received a set of Guidelines for Re-opening.

To view these sectors, and the appropriate guidelines, visit our Business Re-opening Supports section.

Each business applying for the COVID-19 Safety Charter will be asked to select a COVID-19 Lead Worker Representative (COVID-19 co-ordinator/lead). Your COVID-19 co-ordinator/lead will be required to complete the Fáilte Ireland Covid-19 Safety & Hygiene Control Training. 

Every employee in your business should also have completed appropriate COVID-19 hygiene and safety control training as set out in the Terms & Conditions of the Charter. If your employees have not completed such training they will be required to complete the Fáilte Ireland COVID-19 Fáilte Ireland Infection Prevention Control for Tourism Businesses Course.

Once your business is approved by Fáilte Ireland as eligible for the COVID-19 Safety Charter you will be free to display this status throughout your business premises and online platforms. The Safety Charter demonstrates to your customers and employees that you, as a tourism and hospitality business, are operating in line with current Government public health advice and with safety and cleaning protocols in place.

How does the COVID-19 Safety Charter work?

Employees returning to work should complete the required Covid-19 safety & hygiene control training and the outcomes of this course will ensure they have:
  • a clear understanding of the COVID-19 infection.

  • an awareness of their role in and responsibility for helping prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  • a clear understanding of standard precautions surrounding infection control.

  • a clear understanding of the correct hand-washing techniques and practices.

  • a clear understanding of how to apply this knowledge to their place of work.

To apply for the COVID-19 Safety Charter as an Irish tourism and hospitality business, you must sign into the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal or register for a new Trade Portal account if you don’t have one.

Once your business has completed the application process, agreed to adhere to Terms and Conditions of the Charter and the specific guidelines for re-opening for their sector and each returning employee has completed the appropriate training, Fáilte Ireland will:

  • Send each business the COVID-19 Safety Charter Symbol, useful templates and a merchandise pack that the business can use to promote the fact they have signed up to the COVID-19 Safety Charter.*

  • List your business on the COVID-19 Safety Charter compliant business directory

  • *The Covid-19 Safety Charter and the Covid-19 Safety Charter logo are trademarks of the National Tourism Development Authority. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved

Apply for the COVID-19 Safety Charter

The COVID-19 Safety Charter is open to eligible tourism and hospitality businesses in the Republic of Ireland who have relevant guidelines for re-opening.

If you do not already have a Trade Portal account, please register or contact a member of our customer support team on 1800 242 473.

Apply for the COVID-19 Safety Charter

What businesses are eligible to sign up for the COVID-19 Safety Charter?

All businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • They must have Guidelines for Re-opening issued by Fáilte Ireland specifically for their sector.

  • If an accommodation provider you must be approved under the National Quality Assurance Framework

Visit our Business Re-opening Supports section to view all available sector guidelines.

If you would like to become an approved tourism accommodation provider please visit our Quality Assurance section to learn more

See what businesses are compliant with the COVID-19 Safety Charter  Apply for the COVID-19 Safety Charter