Is your business eligible?

The Digital that Delivers programme will continue to focus on supporting the digital transformation of the visitor experiences sector during 2024.

List of eligible businesses

Visitor experiences eligible for this programme include attractions, activities and day tours with a bookable, saleable experience. See section 3.1 of the Guidelines for more information. 


Places that offer visitors interesting things to see or do and that are subject admission fees or other conditions of entry. They include: 

  • Museums, galleries and other cultural attractions  
  • Castles, cathedrals and other heritage attractions  
  • National parks, gardens, zoos or other outdoor and natural attractions  
  • Theme parks, escape rooms, distilleries and other commercial attractions  


Activities involve visitors as active participants in an experience and may require special equipment, skills, or attributes — or involve a degree of risk. They include:

  • Water, land, or air-based activities such as kayaking, hiking or skydiving  
  • 'Making' activities such as painting, basket-weaving, or pottery
  • Learning activities such as talks or workshops (though not multi-day courses) 

Day Tours

Guided or self-guided visits that may take in several attractions, activities or points of interest within a 24-hour period.

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