Recognition of other Employee Engagement Programmes

Recognition of other Employee Engagement Programmes

The Fáilte Ireland Employer Excellence Programme is committed to supporting Ireland’s Tourism Industry to create the best workplaces possible, by setting a high-quality standard of excellence in People Management Learning and Employee Engagement for the tourism sector. An assessment framework has been developed to enable Fáilte Ireland to award the Employer Excellence Mark (Employer Excellence Recognised) to businesses who are involved with another Employee Engagement Process e.g a separate Employee Survey and/or People Management Learning Programme, upon successful assessment by an Independent expert.

This Framework is now in place, and so Fáilte Ireland is now inviting businesses who wish to be considered for assessment to get involved.

Businesses who wish to submit their interest in being assessed should:
  1. Complete the Expression of Interest application form on the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal by clicking here.
  2. Once your Expression of Interest has been received a member of the Employer Excellence Team will contact you.
  3. Submit the necessary documentation for assessment.


 As part of the application process, businesses will be asked to confirm that their practices meet the following assessment criteria in order to be put forward for assessment. Businesses may be asked to provide evidence of compliance with any one of these pre-requisites as necessary.

  • The survey must be provided by an independent third party
  • Surveys must meet the minimum response criteria
  • The survey should capture an adequate level of demographics to interpret results. This is applicable to businesses with 5 or more employees to take account of employee anonymity.
  • The survey should provide individualized access links
  • Staff should respond to the survey by their own free will, any form of coercion will not be accepted
  • The survey must have been completed in the previous 12 months prior to application
  • Businesses wishing to engage in the Employer Excellence Programme and receive the ‘Recognised Employer’ ribbon must have scored an overall minimum score of 55%
  • 70% of all Managers in your business must have completed a Management Learning Programme

Full details of the Alignment Framework and how it works for businesses can be found on the Programme Guidelines here.

Assessment Costs:

Businesses wishing to be considered for Employer Excellence Recognition may apply to have either one or both elements (i.e. Employee Survey and / or People Management Learning) of their alternative Programme assessed, at a cost of €600 (ex VAT) 

This fee is invoiced to the business by Fáilte Ireland, and is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the assessment. 

Note : Additional costs may then be involved for businesses, depending on the outcome of their assessment(s), and the option(s) open to them in proceeding to Employer Excellence Recognition. A member of the Fáilte Ireland team will engage directly with businesses at this stage to outline these options and associated costs. 

If you have any queries, please email