Prompt payment

Prompt payment


In March 2011, the Government made a decision to extend the 15 day prompt payments obligation to the wider public sector. This measure should ensure that all valid invoices received by FáilteIreland on or after 1 July 2011 will be paid within 15 days of receipt.

To ensure payments reach our suppliers as early as possible, suppliers are asked to ensure that:

  • Purchase order numbers are obtained for all goods/services supplied to Fáilte Ireland (prior to the delivery of goods or commencement of work). No work should commence before receipt of a purchase order.

  • All invoices quote the purchase order number. If a valid purchase order number is not quoted, the invoice will be returned to the supplier for clarification/query; hence a delay in payment could occur.

  • All invoices are sent directly to the Accounts Payable Section, Fáilte Ireland, Aras Fáilte, Forster Street, Galway to ensure prompt payment. Please update your finance system to reflect this.

  • Invoices are not be raised until the goods/services are complete. The delivery of goods/services is to be made in accordance to the instructions given on the purchase order.

  • Partial billing of an order only occurs with prior agreement Fáilte Ireland business contact.

  • All invoices quote your Fáilte Ireland account number.

  • Invoices may also be emailed to Fáilte Ireland at for those suppliers who prefer this method.

These arrangements will not alter the contractual relationship between Fáilte Ireland and suppliers, nor will it change the legal position in relation to late payments. Late payment interest will continue to be payable after our standard 30 day payment terms.

Prompt Payment report

Download the latest Prompt Payment report.

Prompt Payment Return Quarter 1 2024 [pdf, 472kb]

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